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5 Ways to Make Your Space More Cozy


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Creating a cozy living environment has many benefits like reduced stress, restful sleep, and increase happiness. Who wouldn’t want that in their home?

Bring the cozy aesthetic into your home today to start reaping all the great benefits that come with the rest and relaxation you’ll start having.

1. Plush Furniture

If you’re shopping for new furniture or looking to replace what you already have you’ll want to look for plushy furniture with soft edges.

The soft edges bring a more comfy feel to your space versus sharp-pointed edges like a couch with rectangle armrests. The armrests are fine to be rectangular as long as the edges are rounded off instead of pointy looking to give your room a more comfy feel.

There some great resources online to help you pick furniture or enlist the help of a home decor specialist to get you set up.

2. Pillows and Throws

Nothing says comfort like fluffy pillows and warm fuzzy throws!

Sometimes all your space needs is just a few pillows and a blanket added to it in order to create that cozy living vibe. This is a great purchase if you don’t want to replace everything in your room picking up a few pillows for some home decor is a great option.

Think of a color scheme to go with for your space and get some complimentary pillows to go along with it. You can bring some paint swatches with you to the store to pick out something that goes well with it all.

3. Rugs

Another way to warm up the place is with a well-placed rug to warm up your floor.

Hardwood floors tend to be a little cold-looking and bare and bring down the cozy factor in your space. The solution? Getting a nice rug!

Whether you select a low pile or a medium to high pile rugs it can bring that added cozy living feel to your space. If you’re looking for a maximum cozy effect then try adding in a fluffy shag rug under your furniture for a soft and cozy feel into your life.

4. Lighting

Lighting can make or break your cozy living setup.

Using harsh, bright, and cold white lights can really put a damper on all your cozy living changes. Swap out the cold white lights for some warm energy-efficient lights to really change your space into a cozy oasis.

5. Candles and Scents

The smell is just as important as the visual ambiance you’re trying to set up in your home.

Candles and scents in warm vanilla, cinnamon, and warm spices are your helping hand in creating that cozy living space. These warm comforting scents make you feel like a cozy fall day in a warm sweater. Bring that feeling into your space with scents like that.

Getting Your Cozy Living Space

Having a cozy living space can make your place really feel like home. Not only that but a welcome oasis of rest and relaxation for your after-work recharge. Who wouldn’t want that?

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