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How to Throw an Amazing Boat Party


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There are around 62,500 bars and nightclubs in the U.S but while there are plenty of options, nothing beats a boat party.

Getting out on the water imbues your party with more excitement, memories, and far better scenery than packed dance floors. Perhaps you’re planning to throw a boat party but you have no idea where to start.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know.

Set a Budget

Before creating a party checklist, figure out how much you’re willing to pay. Produce a spreadsheet to calculate the cost of boat hire and food and drink, along with entertainment.

And you mustn’t forget to include boat fuel, docking fees, and waiting staff if you’re hiring.

Find the Perfect Boat

You’re eager to throw a party on a boat, so you must find the perfect vessel.

A pontoon is a sturdy option, thanks to the broad platform supported by aluminum tubes. Or, if you’re throwing a party in the warmer months, hire a deck boat so guests can take a dip and enjoy their favorite water sports.

Pro tip: those hosting a summer bash should book in advance before the best ones get snapped up.

Choose a Theme

When brainstorming party ideas, don’t forget to include a theme. Whether you’re throwing a bash for the holidays or a beach-inspired party, this will help you find decorations for the boat.

Plus, themed boat parties are unforgettable and people will love dressing up.

Prepare a Guest List

During the party planning stage, figure out how many guests to invite so you can choose an ideal space. Once you’ve decided, send out invites at least a month in advance, either by snail mail or social media.

And ask everyone to RVSP as it will save you money if they don’t show.

Create a Food and Drink Menu

The best party caters to everyone’s taste so create a dynamic food and drink menu. But instead of serving a three-course meal, serve finger food or a buffet, so guests can graze when they please.

And, if you have the budget, hire servers so you can mingle with guests.

Gather Boat Party Essentials

To keep your guests happy, stock up on boat party essentials especially if it’s during the day. Dedicate a station filled with sunscreen, bottled water, and a waterproof mobile lanyard to prevent any accidents.

You should also remind everyone to bring sunnies, spare clothes (after swimming), and hats to stay cool.

That’s How to Throw a Party on the Water

Now you know how to host a boat party on the water.

Start by outlining a realistic budget, choose a theme, and prepare a guest list filled with your favorite people. You should also curate a food and drink menu to accommodate everyone and offer essentials so your guests are comfortable!

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