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Solo Travel: How to experience the World Alone and Have Fun


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According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, 99% of travelers in the U.S. and Canada want to travel again in 2021. 70% of travelers said they’re planning to take a trip in 2021. 45% of people are finalizing plans for their next vacation.

Are you considering solo travel for the first time this year? Check out this list of tips to make the experience worthwhile.

Learn the Language

If you’re thinking about international travel it’s important to learn a bit of the language of the country you’re visiting before leaving. While you don’t have to become an expert, learning some keywords and phrases can help you get around easier.

Some apps help translate if you need a refresher while ordering food or asking for directions. Local people will appreciate it if you try to speak to them in their native language.

Have a Plan in Place

Once you’ve chosen the place you want to travel to you should start creating an itinerary. You might be a more spontaneous person but even having a rough outline of the places you want to see can help you make the most of your vacation.

Especially when it comes to city travel, you want to make sure you visit all the great spots it has. Making a plan of how you’ll get to each location and how much time you’ll spend there is vital to seeing more of a city.

Create a Budget

When you vacation alone it’s easier to stay within your spending limits. After creating a plan for the places you want to check out when traveling you should make a list of expenses you’ll have.

This can help you create a budget and cut back on certain outings if needed. Having a budget in place will also help you choose hotel or Airbnb accommodations within your spending limit.

Pack Smart

When traveling solo it’s important to pack smart. You should bring all of your essentials but try to make your bags as light as possible since you’ll need to move your things on your own most of the trip.

Pack comfortable clothes and leave your expensive jewelry at home. Make sure that you carry your ID and money in a secure place.

If you don’t want to carry your bags around with you as you explore you can always keep them securely stored by using mindmybag.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

When you travel alone it’s important to keep yourself safe. Try to look as if you know where you’re going even if you get lost because you don’t want to make yourself susceptible to robbery.

Go to public places with big crowds and avoid dark streets at night. Make sure to check your route before getting out of your taxi or off the bus so you don’t look like a tourist.

Solo Travel Tips You Should Know

If you follow these solo travel tips your trip is sure to be safe and fun. Remember to pack smart and remain aware of your surroundings in a new place.

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