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How Installing a Home Filtration System Can Save You Money


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Having a whole house water filtration system may seem expensive, but the question you have to ask yourself is: can you afford not to?

Your tap water contains chlorine and chloramine to protect you from bacteria and other contaminants. However, your water makes quite a trip getting to your house, and it can collect samples of calcium, magnesium, pesticides, and industrial solvents as souvenirs. These additions make your water “hard,” and whether you realize it or not, hard water has been stealing your time and money.

Whole house water filters can save you thousands of dollars. Continue reading to learn the ways hard water affects you and your home.

Save Money With a Whole House Water Filtration System

This article will focus on the benefits of having a home water filter, but if you’re interested in more details or where to buy a filter, click here to learn more about the whole house water filter.

Save Money by Drinking Better

The average cost of a 16.5-ounce bottled water is about 11 cents. Based on the Mayo Clinic’s recommendations, you should drink about 108 oz of water daily (that’s 6.5 bottles of water). This means it costs you about 77 cents every day just to drink water. A home water filter will allow you to fill a glass of clean, purified water from any faucet in your house.

Save Your Hair and Skin

The chlorine in hard water pulls moisture from your hair and skin when you shower or bathe. This leads to dry, brittle hair, itchy, dry skin, and dandruff, and the chlorine can also cause colored hair to fade. Expensive specialty products can solve these problems, but wouldn’t it make more sense to simply fix the water?

Save Your Plants

Indoor plants can be very fragile, and when their only source of water is what you provide, quality matters. Calcium, magnesium, and chlorine in tap water harm your plant’s root systems, stunt their growth, and cause their leaves to wilt. By using filtered water instead, you save money by not buying expensive plant food or replacing your plants.

Save Your Time

Hard water leaves mineral deposits on your faucets, sinks, and cookware. It takes serious scraping, scrubbing, soaking, and even special cleaners to remove the calcium buildup. Having a whole home water filter frees you from chipping away at chalky residue.

Choose Quality With a Whole House Filtration System

The best whole house water filters use activated charcoal to filter out all impurities and give you pristine water from every sink, bath, and shower.

Stop wasting time and money fixing the symptoms of hard water, and start addressing the cause. Sure there’s the upfront cost when buying a good whole house water filtration system, but when you do, you’re improving your quality of life and that of your family.

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