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On Gardening: Primulas' vibrant colors beat winter's doldrums

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Forget about fake news it's fake flowers that have my attention. Actually, they are not fake; they are the brilliantly colorful primula. Recently, the astonishing color and beauty had passersby gawking in amazement.

It took about 72 hours of temperatures in the 20's and I was begging for mercy, and just like magic there they were, in a grocery ...Read more

On Gardening: Bamboo muhly grass treasured in the garden for texture and motion

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Walking around the garden I was astonished by the beauty of grass that was so picturesque backlit by the sun. It was a muhly grass but not the pink cotton candy looking one you admire in the fall. This was bamboo muhly native to Arizona. You don't normally think about plants native to Arizona being so adaptable to the hot humid southeast but ...Read more

On Gardening: Heuchera or coral bells, fabulous foliage, flowers attract hummingbirds

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It wasn't long ago I was hiking around Blue Ridge Georgia and came across a few terrific looking heuchera or coral bells which I had only seen previously for sale in garden centers. All heuchera species are native to the United States including this Heuchera villosa native in the Southeast from Arkansas to Georgia and north to New York.

...Read more

On Gardening: Use deadnettle to liven up cool spring containers

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If I told you to let deadnettle liven up your mixed containers you might think that it is an oxymoron or perhaps I was just a moron, as dead and nettle sound none too lovely in the landscape. As they say in France, au contraire, deadnettle is the common name for a terrific perennial or annual if you choose by the name of Lamium.

Botanically ...Read more

On Gardening: Bright Lights Swiss chard is like a beet without a bottom

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It seems wherever I go I'm seeing Swiss chard. This showy cool season plant sometimes called a beet without a bottom is showing up in the landscape, in mixed containers and there it is available in the local grocery store. Is it an ornamental or an edible you might ask and the answer is, both. Then you might wonder do you eat it fresh or do you...Read more

On Gardening: Cool Wave pansies are in season

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During the summer we think of flowers like petunias as those fragrant, spilling or tumbling flowers cascading over the rims of baskets and mixed containers. That same show of incredible color coupled with tantalizing fragrance can now be achieved during the cool season with pansies like the Cool Wave series in some zones.

I'll be honest when ...Read more

On Gardening: Let Ascot Rainbow color your world

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Mention the word "ascot" and a silky men's tie worn by the upper crust of European society comes to mind. Today, however, I want you to associate the name with Ascot Rainbow, an evergreen perennial euphorbia capturing the imagination of the gardening world.

Botanically speaking, Ascot Rainbow is known as Euphorbia martinii. It is native to ...Read more

On Gardening: The brassicas are taking center stage along with kale, mustard, and collards too

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The brassicas are taking center stage! In the fall and winter season, we have always dabbled in flowering kale and cabbage but it seems in the last couple of years things are changing. The cruciferous crops are doing their part to create the WOW factor in flower beds across Georgia. It's not just flowering kale and cabbage but edibles like the ...Read more

On Gardening: Dazzling with cool season planters

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Recently, I was schooled, so to speak, on 'Pansies and their Partners' as I was invited to visit Old Town, a 2016 Southern Living Community of the Year award winner in Columbus, Ga. I'm a pretty good cool-season container guy but everywhere I looked was foliage and cool season color combinations I had never tried.

This community may be one of a...Read more

On Gardening: Misplaced sage, a stunner in the fall garden

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The misplaced sage heads up a group fall-blooming salvias that are absolutely riveting now in the garden. Salvias just may be the favorite collector plants by gardeners in the United Sates and rightfully so as I will further explain.

Your first question is probably what is the misplaced salvia? Well botanically speaking it is Salvia disjuncta. ...Read more

On Gardening: Fall blooming camellias offer stunning landscape performance

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Hurricane Matthew gave our Judge Arthur Solomon Camellia garden a stiff uppercut as it brought down a lot of large trees. But now one month later, the fall blooming camellias are bringing in guests: pollinating visitors like honeybees that are relishing every moment. The bees seem to be in ecstasy as they literally dive into a cave of pollen. It...Read more

On Gardening: Panola Panache, pansies with flamboyance

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Today we have a shipment of Panolas coming to the garden; this series of pansies has long been a favorite of mine for its persevering landscape performance. I'm sure there has been a generation of gardeners born who probably have never heard the name Panola.

When I first saw them there were just a few colors and the name was Panola Panache. ...Read more

On Gardening: Belgian mums thrill with fall performance

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After a long brutally hot summer, two tropical storms and a hurricane, one could use a little perk-up, and no plant brings cheer like the chrysanthemum. Cooler temperatures partnered with a few mum containers with flowers numbering in the thousands will boost your spirits like few other plants.

It was seven years ago that I last wrote about ...Read more

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