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How to spot quality clothing

By Aramide Esubi, Tribune Content Agency on

If you're tired of clothes that pill, fade and fall apart after just one season, it's time to start shopping smart. Shopping smart means investing in quality clothes that look good and last longer. Here are some things to keep your eye out for so you can spot high-quality clothing.

Strong stitches

Before making a purchase, inspect the stitching of the garment for signs of unraveling, missed stitches, loose stitches, snags, crooked lines and other imperfections. Then, grab the fabric on each side of a seam, and tug lightly to see how well the garment holds together. If there's any sign of pulling apart, leave it on the rack.

Good fabric

Low-cost brands try to save money by using as little fabric as possible to produce a garment. That often translates into too-short shirtsleeves and pant legs, less room through the shoulders of a garment, uncomfortably short inseams, and clothes that don't drape and fit well. Try clothes on at the store to make sure they look as good on you as they do on the hanger.

Metal zippers

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Plastic zippers are hard to zip (and keep zipped). They also tend to go off track, and they wear out quickly. Look for garments with metal zippers, and you'll avoid these headaches.

Matching fabric patterns

Just as wallpaper patterns should match up at the seams, so should fabric patterns. Take a look at the seams of any garment you're considering to see how much effort has gone into matching up patterns. For bold patterns, like plaids and stripes, a poorly matched seam looks unsightly. Assume any sloppy match-up is a sign that little care went into the construction of the garment.

Quality buttons and construction


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