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What to wear on your first day of work

By Aramide Esubi, Tribune Content Agency on

Your first day of work at a new job can be scary. New people, new environment, new responsibilities; it's a lot to take on, so it's important that you go in feeling confident. When you're deciding what to wear on your first day of work, follow these guidelines to ensure that you feel your best. Remember, when you feel good, you make a good impression and can work to your fullest potential!

1. Think about when you interviewed and what people were wearing.

When you're deciding what to wear on your first day of work, think back to your interview. Were most people in the office wearing jeans? Did you notice that a lot of employees were in professional attire, or did you notice that it was casual? While you should always dress based on your body and what makes you feel confident, it's also important to dress according to dress codes, office standards and company culture.

Feeling like you don't fit in visually can cause anxiety or a feeling of awkwardness. At least for your first day, dress in a way that makes you feel good but also makes you feel like you fit in so that you're part of the team. If you feel like you fit in wardrobe wise at your new job, it can make it easier to bond with others and seamlessly transition into your new work environment.

2. Even if you wear casual attire, make sure you look professional.

Coming completely overdressed on your first day of work can give off the impression that you're out of tune or unaware of the company culture, and this is never good. If the office dress code is casual but you're someone who loves to dress up and look professional, give your casual outfit an office update.

Instead of a regular cotton T-shirt, opt for a woven material in a silk or acrylic to appear more put together. The upscale fabric will make the outfit appear more polished. Additionally, grab a blazer or nice dress shoes to tie together an outfit and elevate it for the office.

Small enhancements will create a casual look that still reads office appropriate to help you create a balanced outfit to wear on your first day of work.

3. Go with what makes you feel most confident, and build your outfit from there.


The best way to boost your confidence is to focus on what you love about yourself, and dress in a way that flatters that aspect so you feel good in what you're wearing. Maybe you have long legs. Put on a pair of high waist pants or a high waist skirt to highlight your leg length. If you love your eyes, put on a top in a color that complements your eye color. Opt for either a complementary color, or look for a top in a similar color to your eyes to really make them pop. If you have a small waist, put on a belt that cinches at your waist to flatter your shape.

The key is to highlight what you love most about your physical appearance so that you feel good. When you feel good about yourself, this confidence radiates to others.

4. Make a conscious decision to be confident in yourself, and dress in a way that is reflective of that.

Never forget that you have the power to change how people see you. It's empowering when you realize that you control everything you put out there, including how people see you and what perception you give off. Decide how you want other people to see you and the confidence you hold in yourself, and dress accordingly. If you want to be seen as a professional, wear professional clothing. It won't only affect how people see you, but there's something empowering about dressing "up." It changes your demeanor and studies have shown that it influences the way we think.

When you're deciding what to wear on your first day of work, consider what the office environment is like, what the dress code is, and what makes you feel most confident. If you build an outfit with these factors in mind, you'll be able to start your day off with the confidence to do great things!


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