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Try on a new look while traveling

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In the last year, I have upped my travel game. These trips have helped me to see how style can deepen and shift through a change in environment, not only in a logistical sense but also in the gathering of inspiration and heightened possibility of trying new things.

I'm starting to feel like hitting the road might be a crucial element of ...Read more

A few things to consider in the fitting room before you decide to buy

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Something I hear quite often from friends and clients is that they have a lot of anxiety about shopping for new clothes. Some love adding bold new pieces to their wardrobe, but they haven't always been good at judging when they truly should buy something.

As a result, they experience buyers' remorse and have wasted money or time spent waiting ...Read more

Four ways to dress up a T-shirt for work

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A classic T-shirt that is well fitted and super soft is absolutely an essential wardrobe item. Sometimes you just want to get up in the morning, throw on a T-shirt and go but then you remember you must look at least a little presentable for work. Well, fret not because there are some ways you can get away with wearing a T-shirt for work while ...Read more

The future of fashion: Will comfort prevail over aesthetic?

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The debate over comfort and style has recently come to a head. The two do not have to be mutually exclusive. Is it perhaps that our definition of style and the traditional aesthetic are gradually changing over time?

Fashion used to be a way to speak to one's social and economic status, and in some ways it still is. Not everyone can afford ...Read more

5 modern ways to dress in the workplace

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Breaking into the professional world is hard enough with new people, new responsibilities and, of course, new wardrobe requirements. It is important to follow workplace dress code; however, that doesn't mean you have to lose your sense of style in the process. I'm here to share a few of my favorite trends that appropriately transfer to the ...Read more

Casual clothing items you should keep in your wardrobe

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Building a wardrobe is all about versatility so you have plenty of options for all of the facets that make up your daily life. There has to be a balance between your workwear and non-workwear because, let's face it, we (hopefully) don't spend every single day at work. These four wardrobe staples will ensure that you can dress in a casual way ...Read more

How to highlight what you love on your body

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We've grown up reading magazine articles on how to dress for certain body types. How, for example, to dress for "pear shape" or "apple shape," or maybe you considered yourself a part of the "ruler" category, describing "lean, narrow-hipped women with small chests."

But we are not inanimate objects. We do not fit any particular mold, nor do we ...Read more

What to wear to enhance your eye color

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It has been known that hair color, skin tone and makeup can play a role in the intensity of your eye color. While a touch of bold lipstick or a swipe of a striking eyeliner are surefire ways to play up your eyes, today I'm filling you in on how the extra sparkle in your eye also has a lot to do with the colors of clothing you wear.

Whether you ...Read more

4 strategies to shop big sales without going broke

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There are some big sales going on and coming up, so I wanted to share some tips to shop without going broke. One of the biggest sales (and one of my favorites) is the Nordstrom anniversary sale; however, it turns out that stores including Banana Republic, Macy's, ...Read more

How to incorporate swimwear into everyday summer outfits

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As we have swiftly reached the middle of summer, I've been thinking about how to maximize my seasonal pieces. A swimsuit can essentially be used as an even trade for a bodysuit, crop top, or tank top in just about any summer outfit.

Save time and extend your precious summer moments by making your swimsuit the star of your outfit. I've rounded ...Read more

Fashion experts swear by these style tips

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Iconic designer Yves Saint Laurent said it best: "Fashions fade, style is eternal."

Wondering how to develop a sense of personal style that helps you put your best foot forward? It takes time to develop your personal style, because it needs to fit into your daily life. Play around with different ...Read more


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