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Simple Style: How to look classy every day on a budget

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You really don't have to break the bank to look classy and put together. There are a few pieces that I like to splurge on but for the most part I shop within my personal budget. This week, I'll share some of my favorite simple ways to step up your game and look good even on a budget.

Leave the logos alone

My first tip is to avoid logos or ...Read more

Simple Style: How to Accessorize Like a Pro

Fashion Daily / Simple Style /

Accessories can make or break your outfit. They should be the last things you decide on when putting together your ensemble so you can choose pieces that complement your look, without overpowering it. Before you start picking accessories, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Does your outfit already contain a statement of some sort?

What ...Read more

A new kind of tummy tuck: Tips for a killer outfit that hides your belly

Fashion Daily / Simple Style /

Many of you probably are working on some fitness goals in January. Even if you're not satisfied with your progress, I'm all for feeling good in the moment. This week I'll share some easy tricks for dressing around the belly you'd like to hide so you can look stylish while you work toward your best body. Whether you have indulged in too much ...Read more

Simple Style: How to purge mindfully and get donations out the door

Fashion Daily / Simple Style /

It's nice to start the year off fresh and clean out your closet. But, doing a full-on purge can be a daunting task. And sometimes, holding on to pieces can serve a purpose. I believe fashion is cyclical, and part of building a timeless wardrobe is investing in high quality pieces that you can keep throughout the years. However, keeping clothing ...Read more

Elevate your sweater and denim uniform this winter

Fashion Daily / Simple Style /

The warmth of the holiday season is long gone, but the chill of winter remains as does our need for thick materials like denim, wool, leather and cashmere. Our typical winter uniform of sweater, jeans and boots can quickly become monotonous and a bit lackluster. Dare I say that we get stuck in a rut when it comes to dressing in finicky weather ...Read more

Tips to head off desperation dressing

Fashion Daily / Simple Style /

Sometimes putting together a great-looking outfit can feel like advanced math. What do you have to mix and match, layer together and accessorize in order to come up with a winning result?

On some days it seems as though outfits come together flawlessly, but on other days you're left with a bedroom floor cluttered with discarded clothes and an ...Read more

OTK IRL: How to rock over-the-knee boots in real life

Fashion Daily / Simple Style /

It goes without saying that everything looks different on a model than it does in real life. Over-the-knee boots are no exception. On the catwalk they seem effortlessly stunning and easy to pull off, especially when nonchalantly paired with a micro mini or floating dress, cut up to the thigh.

In the real world, they're a little trickier to wear...Read more

The 5-Step Guide to Buying the Right Clothes

Fashion Daily / Simple Style /

The closet of our dreams would be organized, clutter-free and purge itself every year. Even better, this dream closet would only be filled with clothes that make us look and feel amazing. Think about it. Wouldn't it be wonderful to love every piece you have? Wouldn't you love to never frown at a piece again, wondering what you were thinking when...Read more

Savings 101: How to survive a self-imposed shopping ban

Fashion Daily / Simple Style /

As the end of the year rolls down you may be looking at ways to save money whether it's for a winter getaway or to budget for gift shopping. Whatever the case, a good way to go about spending less and buying fewer clothes is to put yourself on a shopping ban. A shopping ban keeps money in your wallet and stops you from accumulating more clothing...Read more

The 4 biggest hurdles to your style

Fashion Daily / Simple Style /

Our closets are these smallish, usually windowless, spaces in our bedrooms where we spend only a mere fraction of our day. During this small part of the day, we tend to stand in front of our closets as if they're crystal balls, asking the space to tell us what we should wear. Our closets, like the crystal ball, hold the potential to make or ...Read more

How To Incorporate Bold Prints Into Your Work Wardrobe

Fashion Daily / Simple Style /

I've always been a fan of animal print in fashion. There's something so beautiful about a sharply styled outfit that boasts a bold print.

For some, sporting animal print is second nature, but others may not have the easiest time rocking cheetah, leopard or zebra patterns, especially on the job.

Something to remember is that you don't have to ...Read more

Tailoring can transform your look

Fashion Daily / Simple Style /

One of the reasons why celebrities always look so good is that their clothes fit well.

Tailors are a given for stars because they have access to perks like private shoppers and stylists. But chances are you've probably never had anything tailored besides the bridesmaid dress you wore at your best friend's wedding.

Most people do not realize ...Read more


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