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3 ways to transition your outfit from workwear to social attire

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I usually live by the motto that you can never be too overdressed; however, you often don't want to be dressed in formal office attire when going out after work. It's nice to give some separation to your day and give yourself a break from office life.

Part of successfully creating a work/life balance is being able to leave work at work and ...Read more

How to wear belts: 5 guidelines for the belt-challenged

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Wearing any kind of belt can be difficult, especially when you're shy about drawing attention to your waistline. On the other hand, belts are fun and useful accessories that have the potential to add a whole new dimension to your wardrobe. They can add extra polish to an outfit, define the waistline as needed, provide textural interest and even ...Read more

5 responsible ways to pass on wardrobe items

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When editing your wardrobe you'll need to pass some items on to someone else. Instead of throwing them away and sending them to a landfill, give them a second life. Here are five ways to do just that.

1. Give items to friends and family.

I used to love when my big sister cleaned out her closet to get rid of items she no longer wanted because ...Read more

Style 101: Finding clothing that flatters your body

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Part of having great style is being able to put an outfit together, and the other part is about finding clothing that flatters your body. When you're trying to find suitable clothing, it's important to understand what complements your figure.

Finding clothing that flatters your body can take some time. Read through the following tips, and put ...Read more

How to simplify and declutter your work wardrobe

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The beginning of the year always inspires me to declutter. Something about taking down holiday decorations and cleaning the house inspires me to declutter every part of my life. It's easy to accumulate clothing that doesn't match your work wardrobe needs, but there are some steps you can take that will help you simplify and declutter your work ...Read more

4 must-have wardrobe staples to get you through the winter

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There's something about the new year that puts my brain on the fast track to thinking winter would soon be over, but I obviously couldn't be more wrong. The spike in temperatures got the best of me, but since the cold snap returned I'm back to reality.

I am one of those people who is always cold, so I wanted to share four must-have wardrobe ...Read more

How to maximize the current wardrobe in your closet

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Have you ever rushed to get ready in the morning, only to feel the defeat of finding absolutely nothing pretty enough to wear for the day? No high heels seem to match an outfit perfectly, and the button on a favorite pair of jeans just so happens to not close all the way like it used to.

While our clothes are supposed to make us feel great, we ...Read more

Simple steps to develop a signature style

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Yves Saint Laurent said it best: "Fashions fade, style is eternal." Wondering how to develop a signature style? It takes time to develop your personal sense of style because it needs to fit into your daily life. Play around with different pieces and outfits until you get a better feel for what ...Read more

Dashing through the snow? You'll need these packing tips for holiday travel.

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The holiday season is officially upon us, and for many that means traveling to visit family and friends. Traveling in general, no matter the time of year, is stressful; planning, preparing and packing is the most painful part. The holidays tend to put an extra edge on traveling, but there are ways to lessen the impact. Ease your travel woes by ...Read more

What to wear to a holiday party based on the dress code suggestion

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'Tis the season for holiday parties, but figuring out what to wear can be challenging. We've all found ourselves in at least one scenario where we have no idea what the dress code really means. The invitation came with a dress code caveat, but you still have no idea what you should be wearing. Relax, I'll help you.

This list is organized from ...Read more

Align your personal style with your business brand, and reap the benefits

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As an entrepreneur you are committed to building a strong, consistent, authentic brand that visually represents your business and your ethos. You know that in order to engage with your audience and build trust, credibility and, ultimately, clients, you need to put the "you" in your business and create a personal brand; yet, I see so many ...Read more

Sweater 101: How to keep them pill free and fresh between washes

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Winter is (officially) coming. We're going to lean on our sweaters heavily these next few months, so it's time to get serious. If we want them to have our back all winter long, we're going to have to do the same for them. Here are some tips, from keeping those pesky pills away to how to properly clean all your cozy sweaters.

Say hello to the de...Read more


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