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Ring in Spring With Earrings

Sharon Mosley on

What's the one accessory that can transform your face and may just be the perfect gift for Mom? Earrings! Did you know that large earrings make a nose look smaller? Or that silver hoops cool down a ruddy complexion? Or that a pair of gold button earrings warm up pale skin tones?

"There are few accessories that can have as much effect on the face as a pair of earrings," says health and beauty expert Deborah Chase, author of "Terms of Adornment: The Ultimate Guide to Accessories." "Round or square, plain or fancy, earrings bring light, color and movement to the face. They are the perfect finish to a look, adding balance, polish and personality."

The only problem with earrings, according to Chase, is choosing which ones to wear -- or if you're buying a gift for your Mom, which ones she might like. For clues, just check out her jewelry box. "Some styles, like small diamonds, are appropriate with everything from bathing suits to ball gowns."

"Unlike shoes, bags and hats, earrings never go out of fashion," adds Chase. She suggests creating a wardrobe of earrings starting with universal styles such as pearls, diamond studs and small hoops in gold or silver.

"As you try on different styles and sizes, you will develop an eye for those that are the most flattering to your face," she says. "Look for these styles in a range of materials including ivory, amber, coral, gemstones, Bakelite and pearls for an earring collection that you will enjoy for a lifetime."

And this season, jewelry designers are giving us plenty of different styles to add to our accessory stash -- from huge hoops to shoulder-grazing tassel earrings. This year, designers are mixing metals and gemstones -- light and dark -- black diamonds, oxidized silver and onyx with gold.

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Here are Chase's 10 tips for choosing the best style of earrings:

-- Slender, petite women need airy shapes.

-- Larger earrings make the nose look smaller.

-- Dome earrings de-emphasize a prominent nose.


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