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Four ways to spend less while enjoying the holiday season

Ebony Williams, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on

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Last year, Black Friday sales totaled over $8 billion. But what if you could get the perfect gifts while saving a little money? After all, no one wants to start the new year stressed over holiday spending.

Luckily, there are ways to save during the most expensive time of year. Here are four tips for reducing your holiday spending:Don’t wait for Black Friday

Right now, many major stores are starting their Black Friday sales early. Instead of waiting in line and battling it out for the latest gadget, you can save a little extra by shopping early.Use cash

Using credit cards is great if you get points or cash back on purchases, but unless you plan on paying off the balance, you could be paying long after the decorations have gone back into the attic.

Using cash also helps you have a physical count of what you’re spending, which can lead to being more cautious when you’re out and about.Take advantage of reward points


Take a look at your credit card rewards program. Many people rack up points throughout the year, but never get around to redeeming them. The holidays are a great time to cash in on some of those rewards.Call ahead

If traveling, calling ahead to the hotel of your choice is a great way to get the latest deals and lowest prices — often lower than on popular third-party sites.

Calling can also help you avoid getting bumped due to overbooking — in recent years, hotels, like airlines, have started overselling their inventory.

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