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Laura Yuen: How to travel with just a carry-on — and a few tips if you can't

Laura Yuen, Star Tribune on

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Don't waste the space under the seat in front of you on a tiny purse. A midsize bag or backpack with multiple compartments can store electronics and headphones, a fresh set of clothes, and airport essentials. Just measure the dimensions and check the airline's restrictions to make sure you can stow it under the seat.

You can always do laundry

No matter how long your trip is, pack only a week's worth of clothes. When selecting your accommodations, consider an Airbnb that has an on-site washer and dryer or a hotel that offers a wash-and-fold service, Potter advises.

Traveling with kids

When Allie Hawley March of Oakdale travels, each child gets her own backpack. E-books are a must. If your kid is old enough to use a booster seat for the car, consider inflatables like the BubbleBum to save on space. On her last family trip, Hawley March said, "The booster seat literally fit in my carry-on, along with all my clothes, and was in my bag under the seat in front of me. No overhead bin or checked bag. It was amazing."

How's that for winning the bonus round?

"I don't want to try to wrangle kids AND a rolling suitcase," said Hawley March, who hasn't checked a bag in 20 years. "I want both hands free so I can hold onto small people — hence a backpack. And then if the kids all have backpacks, they can be responsible for their own gear."

If you must check a bag ...


Make sure to store essentials in your carry-on: medications, toiletries (travel size, bien sûr!), clothing and shoes, valuables, contact lenses and any attire you plan to wear to special occasions such as weddings.

Apple AirTags or similar wireless tracking devices "are pretty close to an absolute must right now," said Potter. It won't prevent your bag from getting lost, but it may help you get it back faster since you'll be able to pinpoint its location. I found them on Amazon selling for $27.50 apiece, or $89 for a set of four.

Buy your plane ticket with a credit card that includes baggage protection, which can reimburse you for the costs of a change of clothes and toiletries during your trip if your luggage has been significantly delayed or lost. While airlines may be on the hook for some of these costs, sorting it out can take time, Potter said. Make sure to get documentation from the airline about your lost luggage, and save the receipts from your purchases.

Another option is purchasing standalone travel insurance. But be sure to read the fine print and make sure your policy includes baggage coverage.

Keep calm and carry on?

Converted yet? Potter said most travelers have their routines and don't want to be told there could be a different way. But he has faith that in this unpredictable and potentially stressful travel season, some of us might open our minds — and our carry-ons — to the beauty of packing light.

"The only thing worse than going somewhere for two weeks and not having all the clothes you want," he said, "is going some somewhere for two weeks and not having any clothes, period."

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