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Laura Yuen: How to travel with just a carry-on — and a few tips if you can't

Laura Yuen, Star Tribune on

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Space-saving sandals go in the bag, clunky gym shoes on your feet. Also wear thicker clothing like jackets, sweaters, hoodies or jeans on the flight. While packing, opt for fast-drying clothing from outdoor stores like REI that can be squished into your carry-on.

Roll your clothes

My friend swears by rolling her clothes, army-style, like little Twinkies. You can also buy TSA-friendly compression packing cubes that can help you squeeze more clothing into your bag, or at least help you stay organized.

Ruthlessly assess your outfits

Another friend says she interrogates each piece of clothing. Can it be worn multiple times, multiple ways? Items that can't be "team players" stay at home.

Potter, who admits he's a "pretty plain dresser" by nature, chooses versatile clothing — basic T-shirts and quasi-athletic wear that work well on a hike just as much as at the pub. "People have this impulse to bring as much as they can," he said. He encouraged me to think back to the last time I checked my bag "and do a mental inventory of everything you packed that you never wore." Eek.


No better gift than cash

I have childhood memories of my mom packing her suitcase with containers of Pond's cold cream to give as gifts for relatives on overseas trips. Sorry, Auntie — this time you're getting cash.

When Gatachew Teklu, owner of Admas Travel, flies back to Ethiopia to see family, "I just give them money instead of buying them all this stuff from T.J. Maxx and Marshalls," he said.

Make the most of your personal item


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