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Answer Angel: Travel tips for packing light

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: For the first time since Covid changed our lives, I’m traveling again. I was never a very good packer but now I feel out of practice. Any tips on how to pack efficiently but fashionably would be welcome.

— Eva C.

Dear Eva: Here are some guidelines that will work for you:

— Stick with a single color for the basics like pants, shorts, skirts, a sweater, a jacket for maximum mix-and-matching. (A dark color that won’t show dirt — like basic black, navy or brown is a huge plus.)

— Add color to that one-color foundation with easy packing T-shirts and no-iron tops, scarves and costume jewelry.

— Shoes are heavy, so stick with three pairs max: flip-flops for beach/pool that double as slippers; sneakers for walking and the gym; comfortable flats for dressy wear.


— If flying, carry on (do NOT check) anything you absolutely cannot afford to lose or break like medications, good jewelry, handcrafts, electronics.

— Check airline luggage size restrictions for carry-on as well as weight and size regulations for checked baggage, which can be very expensive especially for low-cost airlines (and dimensions/weight rules are different overseas). This info could encourage you to pack light.

— Consider packing cubes that force you to organize and will limit rooting through your suitcase to find things. I’ve been happy with my Amazon Basics brand four-piece set (, $23.97), which has lasted for many years and travels.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I can’t afford to spend a fortune on status sneakers and even if I had the money, it seems crazy to overspend on everyday footwear. But, I find myself yearning for more variety. Wearing the same sneakers every day is frugal but boring. Is there a low-cost solution?


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