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Answer Angel: The search for a swim cap that keeps hair dry

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I would like to be an avid swimmer as I love the exercise, but unfortunately, time does not permit me to exercise, shower and deal with my hair. If I could find a truly leak-proof swim cap that allowed my tresses to stay dry, it would literally improve my health as I could swim whenever I want. I’m looking for true testimonials as there are lots of products on the market that talk a good game and I’ve tried most of them.

— Sally A.

And this…

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Can you help with a swim cap that keeps hair dry? I spend a fortune coloring my hair, and during summer months I swim almost every day, so using a swim cap is required, but my hair is always wet afterwards with chlorine water. Help??

— Joyce S.

Dear Sally and Joyce: Spending a chunk of time styling your hair after a swim or bombarding your expensive hair coloring with chlorine are two significant drawbacks of swimming — which otherwise is a terrific aerobic exercise, without impact on your joints. My working premise is that no swim cap exists that truly keeps your hair dry. I’ve found that the difference among swim cap styles and brands is the difference between wet hair and wetter hair. I would love to be proved wrong. So I’m answering your very good question with a question. Readers, tell me I’m all wet: Has anyone found a swim cap that truly keeps your hair dry?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: My young adult son gave me grief when I showed up in some Adidas track pants (which spelled out Adidas on the left pocket in pretty big letters) and Nike running shoes (with the trademark Swoosh on the side). He tells me that mixing “street wear” brands is “lame.” Is it?

— Chris K.


Dear Chris: Pleeeze. Emphatically not. Only in small circles (of hypebeasts) is this brand mixing considered a big no. FYI: A hypebeast is a person, usually male, who collects and knows a startling amount about certain clothing — especially athletic shoe styles. In contrast, mixing $$ labels like Gucci with Prada or Louis Vuitton with Chanel is not only high fashion but much endorsed by fashion blogs, magazines, the hypebeast community and online “influencers.” I guess the idea is, “If you’ve got the money, flaunt it?” Not my style and probably not yours either. Stop fretting. Your son will get over your alleged faux pas.

Angelic Readers 1

Michele S. writes, “Dryer sheets for hair static. I have thin, straight hair. Putting a dryer sheet over the brush bristles cuts the static. I don’t know if that works on frizz though.” From Ellen: From sad experience, this is not the answer to frizzy hair. I’m always on the lookout for fresh finds to tame the frizz.

Angelic Readers 2

Valerie S. has this tip for Alice S., who complained that she can’t open childproof caps: “I have recently found that if you turn the childproof cap upside down it will fit right into the pill container. It pops right off when you need your pills. This might be preferable to requesting non-childproof caps.” (This works on some prescription containers but not all so check with your pharmacy.) Diane S. loves Flip-It caps (, $8 and up). (Various styles don’t work on some containers so read the fine print before purchase.) And Patty S. says, “I get all of my maintenance medication via mail order at a much lower price than I can get at my local pharmacy. The mail order company told me they are not allowed, via postal regulations, to send medication through the mail with non-childproof caps. So there’s that.”

Reader Rant

Pat S. asks, “Why do manufacturers insist on adding unnecessary drawstrings to pull-on pants —particularly since they’re already elasticized. They only add bulk. Thanks for listening.” From Ellen: The drawstrings make the pants more adjustable if the elastic waist is still too big. Perhaps more important, drawstrings, even nonfunctioning ones, add a sporty look to pants that otherwise might be viewed as dowdy.

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