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Answer Angel: How to find discontinued cosmetics

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Here is just a sample of the many frustrated readers who’ve been on maddening and unsuccessful searches for their favorite discontinued cosmetics…

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have been searching for an Estée Lauder eyeliner, in the color “Forest Writer 07” for a while. I contacted Esteé Lauder and they no longer make it. Do you know of any company who will make eyeliner to order? I only have a small piece left. No one makes one close to this color. I have searched makeup counters with no luck.

— Adrienne K.

Dear Adrienne: I found a company that can help you! Giella Poblocki from tells me her company can custom-make you an eyeliner pencil to match your preferred color. All the other custom cosmetic websites I found, sadly, don’t make eyeliner, though they do make just about any other makeup basic. And a rep from told me they can make eyeshadow in your color that can be used with a brush as eyeliner.

Dear Answer Angel: For some years now I have used Estée Lauder Perfectionist Serum Compact Makeup. It’s been a nice, quick way to cover up without the hassle of liquid makeup. Of course, since I really like it, Lauder has discontinued it. Prior to this, I used a similar Mary Kay product; also discontinued! I have tried Lauder and Clinique pressed powder products but I don't feel like I get the same coverage and smooth appearance. Any suggestions?

— Cathy G.


Dear Cathy: Depending on the shade of Perfectionist Serum Compact Makeup you need, you can find some at ($76.99!) or the Australian site ($80!!). For the same reason you liked your discontinued compact makeup, I use Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation, (drugstores,, $10.99 and up). The coverage isn’t great, but it’s sort of OK. has many compact makeup options but, unfortunately, not yours.

Here are online sites to check for your discontinued cosmetics or substitutes but beware. It will cost you:

Discontinued makeup

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