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Answer Angel: Those annoying bra pads

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Along with a multitude of women, I ditched the bra during the stay-at-home phase of the pandemic. I still like some comfortable coverage though and now have mostly switched to well-fitting sports bras or the ever-popular “bralette.” What is the deal with the removable pads, though? If I don’t take them out when washing they come out anyway and are a pain to reinsert. In the past, the pads were sewn in instead of having a slit to slip in and out. What gives?

— Cheryl L.

Dear Cheryl: Yes, they’re annoying. Many women find these pads useless and toss them immediately. They exist to prevent nipple show-through and to provide optional padding for those who would like to appear a little bustier or more symmetrical. Also, just guessing, these skimpy foam circles are cheaper to manufacture than the older styles of padded bras. The pads also make a bra look better on a hanger in the store.

You can take a couple anchoring stitches to keep the pads from coming out in the wash. Or safety pin them. Or remove them before washing and launder in a mesh bag. Many bra makers say hand-wash the pads. Are you kidding me? Yes, they’re the devil to squish back into the slots where they came from. There should be a better way.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have a pair of lightweight Chico’s blue nylon shorts that fit well, don’t wrinkle and are the right length. But the snap closure at the top of the front zipper constantly pops open. I don’t want to go to the trouble of replacing a snap — if that is even possible. Any ideas to save this favorite pair of shorts?

— Mae

Dear Mae: DIY. Check out YouTube! By searching for “How to Fix a Weak Snap” on I found a really simple solution for snaps that have lost their grip. And it worked. Use a pliers (mine is a needle nose with ridges to get a good grip) and gently squeeze the circle side (the half of the snap without the nub). Make the circle just a tiny bit less round. It will allow the snap to grip better and should solve your problem.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have two queen-size beds with mattresses that are only 11 inches deep. The new deep pocket sheets are just way too big. Where can I find sheets with the older fit? I can’t find them in stores or online.

— Linda J.


Dear Linda: Here’s the internet resource for you: You can shop by pocket size from 6 inches deep up to 22 inches. The site also has hide-a-bed sheets, cot sheets, sofa bed sheets and more.

Angelic Readers

Sharon R. gives a shoutout to her favorite televised shopping sites that, she says, don’t get enough love in this column: “Retailers like QVC (, HSN (, JTV (, jewelry television). These sites include return labels that guarantee refunds if you are not satisfied with their merchandise. They may charge $5 to ship to you and maybe $10 to return ship to refund your money. They may also offer free exchanges with no additional shipping charges. Benefits include seeing actual models in the clothing being sold and demonstrations of kitchen appliances, housewares, garden equipment. Almost anything you can want. You want something used and cheap – well go ahead and take your chances – or buy new at higher prices but guaranteed satisfaction.”

Reader Rant

Elizabeth A. has two gripes and one reason to celebrate:

“Men, if you are over the age of 20 a baseball cap worn backwards does not look young or trendy. It just looks ridiculous. And take it OFF indoors. Did your mother teach you nothing?

“Are most men too lazy to shave? Scragglies would shame a goat. Who wants to kiss a broom? Especially gray scruff should never happen. It just looks unkempt.

“And a Thank Heaven comment. The ‘cold shoulder’ look (cutouts at the shoulder) seems to be gone, hopefully forever. It was never attractive. It looked like the cloth was half torn off in a bar fight.”

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