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Answer Angel: Too many eye makeup options

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I like to read the fine print in fashion/beauty magazines where they list the makeup the model is wearing. Recently I saw a caption that described the three different eyeliners the model was wearing. Three! Is this what we’re supposed to be doing now? Really? Who has the time or interest in doing that? Am I missing something? Also, when did what used to be called “nail polish” become “enamel”?

— Olivia C.

Dear Olivia: I suppose if you were a model being attended to by a professional makeup artist who travels with a huge kit of assorted beauty products and tools, there might be a photo shoot or runway show that would make use of three different eyeliners or six shades of eye shadow or four different shades of lipstick, etc. But for the rest of us, three eyeliners is two too many.

As for nail polish becoming “enamel,” let’s remember that blush was once known as “rouge” and concealer was previously known as “cover-up.” Same stuff, different name. Especially during COVID-19, those of us who have pretty much abandoned all makeup are in the majority. You get credit if you slap on some mascara and call it good.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I am wondering if anyone can help me. I am the mother of four adult sons and have a husband. They all like men’s wallets that have a change compartment because the coins will wear a hole in their front pockets. I can find these easily enough, but two of them are now asking if I can find wallets for Christmas with this feature, with the added request of a slightly larger size so they can put their vaccination card in them. They are consultants in and out of places that often require proof of vaccination.

— Mary S.

Dear Mary: Not all vaccination cards are the same size, so you’ll need to ask your sons to measure their cards. I just measured mine, and it’s huge: 4 1/2-by-3 1/2 inches. Good luck finding a men’s wallet that can hold a card that big and a bunch of change and still fit in his pants pocket. And what about the danger of carrying around the original? What if it is lost or stolen?


There are loads of vaccine card holders for sale on, and elsewhere. But they’re on lanyards, keychains or even built into T-shirts (!) and really are made to be used in addition to rather than doing double-duty as a wallet and card holder.

The whole issue of presenting your vaccine proof is evolving. Some states, cities and companies are providing online verifications. Many venues and businesses accept copies (which can be shrunk to fit in a standard wallet) or photos of the vaccination cards instead of originals. You’ll also need to show your ID such as a driver’s license or passport to prove you’re you. (Go online to learn how to take a phone picture that only you can access.) The internet also will tell you how to go about getting a duplicate card. It’s not always simple, depending where you got your shots. And what if you got the shots in two different states? Long story short: Right now it’s a bit of a mess.

Angelic Readers

Lots of you had washing tips to help Jennifer C. solve her problem with shrinking T-shirts: Renette F. dries hers on low for five minutes then hangs them on hangers with rounded shoulders to finish the drying. Celeste L., Holly K., Merrily D. and Jenny R. remove their Ts from the dryer when still damp, stretching them length- and width-wise before hanging. Gene, who is 6-foot-4, says he also gives his Ts a tug in each direction after drying on low heat. Lynn M. uses her steam iron to stretch her shirts back to their original size.

Reader Rant

Helen B. had a lot to get off her chest: “Have you noticed men wearing tighter trousers now? Not really attractive. The look is as though the trousers shrank. Also, is it really attractive for women to wear those black tights that show their derrieres and large hips? What is wrong with slacks that are well fitted and do not show every roll of fat? Not attractive. Also, sandals are being worn everywhere by both genders and dirty toenails are NOT attractive. Well-fitting shoes are much better. Too many shorts being worn by people who should not wear them and no bare midriffs, please. Thanks for listening.”

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