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Answer Angel: Unwelcome fashion advice from the boss

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I’m the president of the board for a nonprofit animal rescue in a hot climate. Our top executive does a terrific job with the center, but she’s sartorially challenged. It’s OK that she wears shorts, flip-flops and a T-shirt with an animal on it while she’s at the center, but she wears the same outfit when she presents at city council meetings and other such. I did suggest she might want to up her game a bit when she speaks in public, and she agreed. The next meeting she had moved up to a top and skirt — that were bland, at best. I think she thinks she nailed it. So, how do I delicately suggest a modest makeover to someone who probably thinks she’s on target?

— Call me “Mike”

Dear Mike: Stop right there. As the board president, it was appropriate for you to be concerned that the staff leader of your nonprofit appear professional when representing the group in a business setting like the one you describe. Flip-flops and shorts are too casual for a city council presentation, and she agreed. So far so good. Whether her otherwise suitable clothes are “bland” is none of your business. Whatsoever. If she asks for your advice, fine. Otherwise, keep quiet.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Are neck scarves still fashionable?

— Christine K.

Dear Christine: Always. A colorful scarf (or a piece of interesting jewelry) can make a big difference and dress up an otherwise bland outfit (like the executive woman in the first question above). Pack a few scarves for a trip, for instance, and nobody will notice you’re wearing the same neutral shirt or pants several days in a row.

Reader Rant

Joan G. writes, “I have read many times about 100% cotton sheets, most of which are overpriced. I finally bought a set. Do you know that people who buy those either have a maid as they have to be ironed or they look awful?! I bought them for a guest room, and now I recoil every time someone wants to stay with me because I will then have to iron those #$%&# sheets again. I’m going back to perma-press.”


Angelic Readers 1

From Bonnie S.: “I feel the need to respond to your latest article recommending well-priced drugstore CeraVe brand moisturizers. Many years ago my dermatologist recommended CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion with SPF30 and PM CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion for bedtime. I have been using them religiously morning and night. I am 75 and always get compliments on my smooth, bright skin. I have very few wrinkles and most people guess my age at 10 years younger. People have even been in such disbelief when I tell them my age they ask for proof! I owe it all to CeraVe, and probably a little to my genes!”

Christine G. says: “I agree with your recommendation of CeraVe AM facial moisturizing lotion and PM CeraVe for bedtime. I have been using both for many years. Did not take them with on a three-week vacation and noticed a difference and resumed again. I love them.”

Tricia K. emails: “I have used Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 for many years, and have been asked many times what my skin care routine is. I’ve tried the more expensive brands, but always come back to Aveeno. Aveeno moisturizer and face cleansers are what I’ve used for years.”

From Erin O’: I stumbled upon Whole Foods 365 softening Sweet Almond Oil and 365 Nourishing Grapeseed Oil Skin & Hair Care years ago. They are in the cosmetic aisle, well priced and go on oily but, within 15 minutes, they soak into the skin. Then I use CeraVe A. M. SPF 30 moisturizer over it. Leaves one’s skin well moisturized for the entire day.

Angelic Readers 2

Pat B. writes: “To the woman who was having trouble finding navy low heels to match a navy blue dress, black patent looks great with any shade of navy.” Avis F. recommends beige pumps “which pair beautifully with all colors” and are “leg-lengthening too.”

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