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Answer Angel: Coping with wrinkled linen clothes

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I love the feel of linen clothing next to my skin. But I hate ironing. As you know, linen wrinkles like crazy. What am I to do? For years I’ve stayed away from linen blouses, pants and dresses because I don’t want to iron them, and the cost of having them professionally laundered is prohibitive. Is it OK to wear wrinkled (unironed) linen? Any other suggestions to solve my dilemma?

— Candace P.

Dear Candace: I get it. I’ve got the same Love Linen/Hate Ironing Syndrome. I don’t think really wrinkled linen is a good option except at home.

You can minimize wrinkles by immediately grabbing the items out of the washer after the cycle. Use your hands to press out as many wrinkles as you can and either hang to dry, or dry on a flat surface.

Another method: Use the dryer on low for five to 10 minutes with one ice cube. The steam the ice cube creates helps de-wrinkle.

You can also use a hand steamer. There are also plenty of “wrinkle release” sprays that are not nearly as effective as ironing, but better than nothing. I haven’t found any that really do the job.

Chicos ( has a no-iron collection of linen shirts and tunics. Foxcroft ( and Lands’ End ( also have no-iron linen tops.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Since the ‘70s I’ve been wearing clogs despite the ridicule from my friends. I’m on my feet all day and I find them more comfy by far than any other shoes. Now, my teen and young adult daughters are wearing clogs and telling me they are back in fashion. Is it true that clogs are now the height of chic?

— Susan T.


Dear Susan: You, Susan, are totally on trend. Even French Vogue is promoting clogs. And they must be fashionable since Chanel ($900), Hermes ($1400), Louis Vuitton ($900) and Celine ($900) are selling their own versions of clogs. Chefs, nurses and other on-your-feet workers never stopped wearing them. The popular Dansko brand clogs ( start at $80.

Angelic Readers 1

Amy W. has a request: “I’m about to turn 30 and have never learned how to properly apply makeup (aside from mascara). There are so many beauty blogs and YouTube tutorials out there I’ve never known where to start. Could you ask your readers to email you their No. 1 favorite video tutorials for a future column? Maybe some of the categories could include: hiding dark circles; no makeup look; daytime look (something quick but polished enough to wear to work/graduate school); nighttime look.”

Angelic Readers 2

From Liz P.: “I have had Albert Einstein eyebrows for years. When I first had the problem, I looked through the cosmetic counter. I found that Covergirl makes a clear (natural lash) mascara (drugstores,, $6.79). Works like a charm. No fuss.” Katherine P. favors NYX The Brow Glue (drugstores, $6.49) to “keep my brows in place all day.”

Angelic Readers 3

Theresa T. called my attention to an unusual item for those evening walks: Coughlan’s Bug Pants—net draw string pants worn over your clothes to protect you from biting bugs. They look ridiculous but practical (, $12.95).

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