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Answer Angel: Should guys wear leggings?

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: As many people are staying at home and working — what are your thoughts on men in leggings (meggings)?

My husband has taken a shine to them and I like the look ... but in general?

— Billie

Dear Billie: Why not? Women of all ages and sizes have adopted leggings as a wardrobe staple for working at home (and elsewhere). And men are discovering that leggings — think of them as running tights if you don’t like the idea of men in “leggings” — can be a comfortable alternative to sweatpants. They sort of reduce the feeling of fleshy jiggles and offer a bit of support. I see guys in leggings running races — 5Ks to marathons and, prepandemic, at the gym.

But I’ll offer this bit of advice to guys — the same that I give to women: Leggings aren’t pants. They don’t leave much to the imagination, and for street wear you’re better off with traditional pants, sweats or joggers (leaner sweatpants with ankle cuffs).

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have never learned how to properly apply lipstick. I have a very thin upper lip that disappears when I smile. I would love to start wearing lipstick, but I don't know where to go for help. Any suggestions?


— Katie G.

Dear Katie: I hope you’ll find it comforting to know that thin lips are a common beauty complaint. That’s why there are scores of beauty blogs and YouTube tutorials to help. Many of them will tell you to outline your lips with a sharpened lip pencil extending the lip line slightly larger than your natural lip. That’s easier said than done. On the rare occasion that I’ve had a professional makeup application, I felt like a clown when the makeup artist drew on a new, larger lip line. And the before and afters of some of the how-to videos make some of the women look plain ridiculous.

Start by practicing with a liner pencil in a neutral shade, then fill in with a natural color lipstick. Once you get the hang of it you can go with bolder colors. Don’t spend a fortune on the pencil. You can buy them for a couple dollars at the drugstore. (And don’t forget the sharpener.)

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Since I am not wearing mascara much lately, it keeps drying out. Is there anything one can add to a tube to keep it going?


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