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No need to color the truth with your hairstylist

By Ellen Warren, Chicago Tribune on

Published in Fashion Daily News

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: During the pandemic I've been coloring my own hair and I've surprised myself: I've gotten really good at it! I used to pay $200 every six weeks and now I pay $5. When the salon I've been going to for many years reopened, I went in for a haircut, skipped the coloring and my long-time stylist commented on the color in a negative way. There's no way I'm going to let her color my hair when I can do it myself. It's never looked better! But I don't know how to handle the conversation. I'd like to continue to have her cut my hair. Advice?

— Judy T.

Dear Judy: Why do capable women have so much trouble telling the truth to hairstylists? I've had the same problem. You've made a decision to save $195 every six weeks. Yay you. Tell her in the nicest way that you're doing your own color and are quite happy with your new skill. If she's snarky about it, you have two choices: Put up with her nasty attitude or find someone else for the haircut.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: What kind of a coat should I wear to a (very) small semiformal event? It's indoors, but it is going to be quite cold where I live.

— Theresa

Dear Theresa: Back in time, women had evening coats to cover their dressy clothes for fancy events, but not anymore — at least normal people don't. Wear the nicest looking coat you have — the more neutral the better. A black down coat, for instance, is fine. The main thing is to take it off (and preferably leave it at the checkroom if there is one) as soon as you arrive so people at the event can see your nice semiformal outfit and not the coat. Also, don't ruin your evening shoes if it is rainy or snowy. Wear boots, take the shoes with you and ditch the boots along with the heavy coat as soon as you arrive. If there's no checkroom for your stuff, be sure to have a plastic bag to put the wet boots in and a nice tote bag to throw the plastic bag with the boots inside of. Some people have a limo and get dropped at the door and leave their coat and boots in the car. But that doesn't apply to 99.9999% of the people you and I know.


Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Why do many young men wear their cap with the visor backward? Are they making a statement, and if so, what?

— John T.

Dear John: I stopped men (and boys) on the street for an informal survey on your question. (BTW, I was wearing a mask.) Not a single one of them was trying to make a statement. The consensus was:

— They didn't know why they wore the hat backward.


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