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Will a silky pillowcase keep hair looking better?

By Ellen Warren, Chicago Tribune on

Published in Fashion Daily News

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have heard that sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase will help keep your hair looking good. Is that true? Thanks SO much!! I LOVE your column and have learned SO much!!

— Judy S.

Dear Judy: The idea is that the smooth surface of the pillowcase — silk or satin — won't catch on your hair like cotton and other "rough" fabrics. These smooth fabrics (including those blended with polyester) allow your hair to slide across the surface more than customary pillowcase fabrics. Additionally, these smooth fabrics don't wick moisture from your hair like cotton and cotton blends do. (Don't confuse satin with "satin finish," "satin weave" or "sateen" sheets and pillowcases, which are made of cotton and are not the slippery pillowcases we're talking about here.)

Many people with curly hair (which tends to be dry and easily "breakable" and easily frizzed up) swear by these pillowcases or, similarly, sleep turbans lined with a smooth, satiny fabric. As a curly girl, I've tried an array of these pillowcases and the sleep turbans and I didn't notice any difference on my hair. As for the slippery pillowcases, I just didn't like the way they felt on my skin. And the turbans? I've yet to find a style that stays on all night. Readers, let me hear your experience with these products.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Over the years, I've received several expensive designer purses as gifts. I mean really expensive, like costing $1,000 plus. I am terrified to use them. So, I ask myself what's the point of having them if I don't enjoy using them. Should I just use them and not worry about every little nick and scratch? I'm not that hard on my belongings but I'm pretty sure I couldn't keep them in A-1 condition if I used them like I use my everyday purses. What do you think?

_Brenda B.


Dear Brenda: I'm in the what's-the-point school. If you have something of such value — whether it's a car, jewelry, a designer purse — that you're terrified to drive/use/wear it, does the item give you pleasure just to look at? If not, I'd say sell the purses (or whatever) and spend the money on something you need or want. Or, use that money to make a donation to a charity or scholarship fund. If you do decide to sell, there are plenty of online stores and consignment stores that will be happy to do business with you.

And a related question ...

Dear Answer Angel ElIen: I have a few pairs of vintage Minnetonka moccasins. I'd love to actually wear them instead of just admire them. They are the slip-on kind with beading, the ankle-high fringed style and the knee-high lace-up style. Are they even fashionable at all? Any suggestions?

_Cyndy C.


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