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Her creativity stretches from goody baskets to event planning

By Sameer Rao, The Baltimore Sun on

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"I started off with baby shower baskets that had items for the baby in there, (and) real estate baskets, like starter baskets - paper towels, items like detergent - stuff like that to start someone in a new home," she said. "We would do anniversary baskets that might entail a bottle of wine and champagne glasses, or wine glasses, cheese and chocolate-covered strawberries. And that's when it really, really started."

The demand around Valentine's Day made the appeal of edible treats very apparent, she said. She said her sister encouraged the baking component behind the treats, and taught her how to bake from scratch. From there, the business grew.

As the operation expanded, Streets opened a shop in Upper Marlboro. Eventually, she moved to the current location in Laurel, where the business has been for seven years.


Ultimately, the name of the business reflects only one part of Streets' holistic business model.

Planning events and catering are the main components under the Basket Treats umbrella. Then there are several subsidiaries that take the brand even further, including an on-site bakery.


"We pretty much try to cover everything and become a one-stop shop," Streets said.

To make this range of services possible, Streets partners with people who help execute her vision. Natalie Melton of Upper Marlboro has worked with Streets on multiple events through her firm, Events Design Group.

"She really does, in my opinion, try to cater to a luxury client, which is my ideal client," Melton said.

A repeat client, Be Hall of Bel Air, praised Streets' professionalism and innovation.


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