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Accessorize your shoes with one-of-a-kind laces

By Ellen Warren, Chicago Tribune on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: My favorite shoes are Nikes in bright colors - red, turquoise, hot pink and orange, with soles the same color as the shoes. They come laced with round shoelaces in the same color as the shoes. The shoes are still in great shape but the laces are wearing out. These shoes really only look good with the same color laces, but I can't find them in stores. Any suggestions?

Elise J.

Dear Elise: has a dizzying array of options in not only round (aka rope) laces but also flat, reflective (or not), waxed (or not), in a variety of lengths. Prices are usually in the $3 to $5 range. But here are things you should pay attention to before you order:

- Check the shipping costs, which can double the price.

- Examine the color. Say you're looking for deep aqua. I found some that seemed the right color but when I clicked on them the color listed was mint green. Are they blue? Are they green? Be sure to check with the seller (ask for more photos?) before you order since some sites won't accept returns.

- Measure the size you need carefully. Don't just eyeball it.


Also, there are specialized online shoelace sites like, and others. Amazon has plenty of offerings, but many vendors are selling variety packs of laces in many colors when you might want only one or two of the shades included.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Am I the only parent who has this problem? My curly-haired daughter (she's 4-years-old) gets terrible tangles in her hair, and they're super hard to untangle. Yanking at them with a comb or brush hurts so I often despair and just cut them out. Obviously, this is not ideal. Are there better solutions?

- Marni D.

Dear Marni: Stay ahead of the problem by shampooing your daughter often with detangling products, deep conditioning creams and leave-in conditioners (drugstores, But, I get it. You don't always have the time or will to corral your child for a bath.


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