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An up-to-date solution for hair loss at the hairline

By Ellen Warren, Chicago Tribune on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have hair loss at my hairline (front and sides). Wide headbands cover the thin areas nicely, but I am curious about how to wear the band. Do I cover my ears with some of the band, which dampens sound and makes my ears feel warm, or should I tuck the fabric behind my ears, which makes the ears appear more prominent? Also, do you have any tips to keep the head cover from sliding back when there is little or no hair to use with a bobby pin? Can you recommend stores that might sell wide headbands or wraps that look appropriate for the office?


Before I could answer A's questions, she wrote me again: "Good news: Bed Bath & Beyond sells a brand, Trendi, that works great."

From Ellen: Not such good news, Bed Bath & Beyond's website doesn't carry the headband. (Perhaps individual BB&B stores still have some in stock.) And an internet search doesn't turn up a reliable source for them either. But, I found similar ones - wide, soft, with fabric covered elastic at the back that will also work as a COVID-19 face mask - on Etsy. A "buff" - a wider-than-a-headband tube of stretchy fabric - might be just what you're looking for. They're now more available than ever because they have three uses: a wide headband, a face mask and a neck "gaiter" or neck warmer. Etsy and Amazon have them in a wide array of prints, solids and prices. They're stretchy so they stay put without bobby pins. As for behind or in front of the ears, that's your call since both options have pluses and minuses.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I wondered, how do you clean a shower mat? We have a square one in the shower and I'm noticing a bit of pink stain on it.

_Sandy F.


Dear Sandy: Your rubber tub mat never has to leave the tub for this cleaning method:

- Lift mat so it no longer sticks to the tub

- Open bathroom window or door for ventilation

- Add 5 gallons of cool water to the tub, measure and add 1 cup chlorine bleach OR use equal parts white vinegar and water instead of bleach OR add a capful of laundry detergent instead of bleach. Soak mat for a few minutes (several hours for mildew).


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