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That old makeup may still be good — or it may be time to toss it

By Ellen Warren, Chicago Tribune on

Published in Fashion Daily News

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I am looking forward to going back to the office after a long COVID-19 hiatus. What makeup items can I still use? What do I need to toss?

- Kathleen K.

Dear Kathleen: Definitely don't do what I do. That is, I hold on to all my makeup until it dries out, gets too liquidy, flakes off or doesn't stay put. That's not the recommended approach. I checked five websites to see what the experts suggest for toss-it-out timing (measured from the time you open up the makeup for the first time). Here's the consensus:

- Foundation: one year

- Fragrance: eight to 10 years

- Lipstick: two years


- Mascara: three to six months

- Powder eye shadow: one year

- Powder, powder blush: two years

- Nail polish: two years


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