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Using Zoom, hair stylists help clients cut and color their own hair at home

By Hannah Herrera Greenspan, Chicago Tribune on

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Salamone uploaded this video and other tutorials on YouTube. She customized these videos for clients and then shared them because they show the basics of cutting hair.

Salamone says she is asking for donations for these Zoom consultations so she can buy personal protective equipment once she is allowed to reopen. As of now, she is taking Zoom calls with established clients and is open to new clients.

Stylist Amanda Marshall, owner of Blush Hair, a studio within Sola Salon Studios in Lakeview has had four Zoom appointments.

The pandemic hit Marshall hard financially. So much so that she drove 14 hours straight to her parents' house in Houston.

In an email, Marshall says, "I have completely run out of money, maxed out my cards, and have not received a dime of government help. I am still waiting to see if I qualify for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). The system is a nightmare and a joke, and my industry got the short end of the stick."

She says she began Zoom hair color appointments because she did not feel comfortable giving clients take-home kits.


"But if they found the color or any color themselves - I would help them measure it and walk them through how to apply it on FaceTime or Zoom. Same thing with bang trims, little trims or cutting children's hair," she says.

One of her clients, with the help of a friend, bought the color line Marshall uses on Amazon. They called Marshall on FaceTime, and she walked them through how to measure out each color.

"We zeroed out the scale, measured 30 grams of the first color and 10 grams of the second color," Marshall says. "(My client) is a redhead, so 10 grams of the second color which is brown, helps to balance out the color so it's not too fiery where her gray hairs are," Marshall wrote. "Her friend did a great job applying section by section. I joked I could give her a job later if she decided to get into the world of hair! I let them know to let her process a full 45 minutes, as she has the most resistant grays ever. She hopped off FaceTime to process and then showered and sent me photos of her roots when it was done. They came out great and I was impressed."

Marshall says she is providing these services for established clients and has not been charging clients for virtual services. She says, "I did not want it to affect my PUA, and on top of that, I didn't feel right to charge for just a quick chat like that."


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