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Sunday Best: A 1919 Vogue cover from a shelter-in-place puzzle

By Moira Macdonald, The Seattle Times on

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This week, Sunday Best comes to you from my dining-room table, where I'm sheltering in place with a puzzle (when my Seattle Times work is done, of course). And this puzzle has such style that I thought it deserved pride of place this week: It's a 1,000-piece puzzle depicting a Vogue magazine cover from 1919, in which a beautifully dressed woman (Look at that train! And the shoes!) takes a moment to appreciate the cherry blossoms. This might be as close as I get to seeing cherry blossoms this spring, but ... it's not a bad substitute. Should you be wanting one for yourself: It's part of a Vogue-cover collection from the New York Puzzle Company, most of which are sold out at the moment, but you never know what spring might bring. Be well.

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