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Answer Angel: Getting men to take skin care seriously

By Ellen Warren, Chicago Tribune on

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Thanks to so many readers for their willingness to share stain removal tips for tackling sunscreen stains. Here's another: Deborah L. has this homemade stain remover that she says has worked on set stains that didn't budge until she tried this DIY formula. "I mixed this up and it removed them all. You must get the stain area wet. Then spread the mixture over it. Let it sit a bit then use a brush on the fabric. You can keep adding more if it's stubborn. I think it also works best when made fresh."


1 teaspoon Dawn dish soap

2 tablespoons baking soda

4 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide

Angelic Readers 2

Thanks to Susan I. and Ann C. for their suggestions for Pat S. who wanted to sell her vintage wedding gowns. Another option is to donate them to be made into burial gowns - "angel gowns" - for deceased infants. NICU Helping Hands (, Little Angel Gowns ( and the Emma & Evan Foundation ( have willing volunteers to sew the burial gowns, hoping to bring some comfort to parents who have lost a child.

Reader Rant


Jeanne S. says: "I hate to see women in trousers with a raggedy frayed hem in the back because the hem drags on the ground and they are unaware that they could pay someone to hem their pants to the proper length."

From Ellen: Some expensive jeans come that way with intentionally ragged, unfinished hems. It's a current style. But you're talking about a different situation in which the hem wear and tear is caused by too-long pants dragging on the ground. It is not just a women's issue. Plenty of men wear pants - khakis and jeans - with this sidewalk sweeper effect. I'm pretty sure many of the men and women who wear these pants are aware that they could have them hemmed but don't care.



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