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Answer Angel: X, Y or Z? Generational confusion

By Ellen Warren, Chicago Tribune on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: A friend of mine was ranting about "millennial hippies." I was too embarrassed to ask her what age ARE millennials anyhow. Can you help me out on what's what in terms of millennials vs. centennials vs. baby boomers versus Gen(eration) X and Gen Y and Gen Z. And what will follow Generation Z?

- Kathy K.

Dear Kathy: You shouldn't be embarrassed. These labels are confusing and inconsistent, depending on who's doing the counting. Here are some guidelines derived from the U.S. Census Bureau - but they're not carved in stone.

- Baby boomers: Born 1946-64.

- Gen X: Born 1965-1981.

- Gen Y (aka millennials): Born 1982-2000.


- Gen Z (aka centennials): Born 2001-present.

As for what will be the next generation's shorthand name - since we've come to the end of the alphabet with Gen Z - good question! We'll have to see what catches on. In the meantime, let's hear some readers' suggestions for a name for whatever follows Gen Z.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I was vacationing at a sunny, casual spot so I packed sporty, casual clothes. I hadn't planned to find myself invited to any dressy events but I was wrong. A last minute invitation to a special party came up and I had nothing to wear! I had to skip the event and I'm kicking myself for poor wardrobe planning. Is there some simple clothes solution that won't take up much space in my suitcase so I'll never have to turn down a party invite again when traveling?

- Maribeth J.


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