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Pinterest predictions: Top trends we're excited about for 2020

By Darcel Rockett, Chicago Tribune on

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What's my motivation?

Are you asking that of yourself for 2020? Whether you're looking for something to wake you up before you go go or inspiration to redo your personal spaces, Pinterest is the place to get your fix. Enthusiasts come to ogle the crafts, the DIY projects and the Instagram worthy fashion-forward looks. The website recently released its annual look-ahead for the year in news, beauty, celebrations, food, home, style, travel and weddings, among other themes, and 2020 promises to deliver. One hundred trends made the list - categorized into 10 cultural themes, topics that had to show sustained, upward growth over time. This year's report compared global search volumes from August 2017 to July 2018 and August 2018 to July 2019. Read on to get inspired about what we were inspired about.

Neutral nirvana

"They" was the word of 2019, according to Merriam-Webster. The word they is used to refer to one person whose gender identity is nonbinary and was added to the dictionary in September. That being said, one such Pinterest theme goes beyond binary. Global searches between 2018-2019 for unisex kids clothes were up 119%, tuxedo dresses up 99%, and gender-neutral haircuts up 625% compared to 2017-2018.

Conscious consumption

Just because you like to shop doesn't mean you have to do so without a conscience. And consumers are demanding companies produce wares along those lines as well. Here's to a year of being aware and being stylish. Global searches between 2018-2019 for the term "secondhand fashion" was up 38%, "low waste weddings" was up 235% and "thrifted home decor" up 308% compared to 2017-2018.


Wellness woes? Oh no

Do you live to work or work to live? If you're finding it hard to balance your personal life and work life, for peace of mind, you may want to consider these options to start you on that path of enlightenment: ylang-ylang oil, chicory root, sea moss or cucumber juice among other things. Thwart anxiety and stress with everyday wellness. Global searches between 2018-2019 for social detoxing was up 314%, art therapy activities up 444% and cucumber juice up 99% compared to searches from 2017-2018.

Home: There's no place like it

Your space reflects you on so many levels, so do it right. Here you never have to dim your bulb if you don't want to. Focus your energy on decor in your abode and you never go wrong. Because it's you reflecting on you. Pinterest searches between 2018-2019 for home theaters were up 368%, indoor water fountains 917% and garden rooms up 104% compared to 2017-2018, so you can nurture yourself with nature in your very own secret garden.


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