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Answer Angel: '70s fashion enjoying a resurgence

By Ellen Warren, Chicago Tribune on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: In the '70s I wore eyeglasses with enormous frames that covered half my face. Are they back in style? I've inherited some vintage ones that I was considering getting new prescription lenses for, but I'm not sure I love the look.

- Kendra L.

Dear Kendra: It is only a matter of time before a new generation discovers the retro charm of a fashion trend and brings it back after it's been collecting dust in a drawer, on a shelf or in the back of your auntie's closet. That's what's happening right now with the glasses you mention. I've seen them on actress Elle Fanning, in the pages of Vogue and in ads for fashion houses Gucci and Celine. Yup, they're back. I actually have a photo of myself shaking hands with President Jimmy Carter and, well, I'm showing off a lot of fashion don'ts in that picture, and the giant glasses I am wearing are among the worst. So, I'm not going to relive those bad choices. But, for those who want to give the '70s eyewear a try, there are plenty of shopping options. An internet search for "'70s style glasses" will get you started. is a good resource for them, at reasonable prices. But if you really want to save money, thrift stores are loaded with discarded frames from the '70s. I've seen buckets of them near the checkout counters at Goodwill at prices under $10.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: My daughter and I recently went for a mani-pedi at my local salon. I usually don't have a preference about who does my nails there since all the employees have done a good job. But, the last time I went a new nail tech did my nails and it was a really bad job. So, on this visit, when she was "assigned" to do my manicure, I politely told her about the problems of the last time and asked her to take greater care on these issues. It was all quite friendly and professional - and, I might add, she did a much more careful job this time and I was quite happy with the whole outcome. But afterwards, my daughter told me she thought it was rude of me to mention my dissatisfaction. What do you think?

- Audrey S.

Dear Audrey: You're the mom so of course you're right! (Just kidding.) I AM on your side on this one, though. How is the nail tech going to get better - and how are you going to get satisfactory service - if you're keeping your unhappiness to yourself? Sure, you could switch salons. Lord knows there seems to be nail places in every block and strip mall. You could complain to the salon owner. You could make it a point to book an appointment with anyone except the person who did a lousy job the last time. Or you could do what you did - constructive gentle criticism. Since your approach had the desired effect, I think you did the right thing.


Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Do you think men over a certain age are too old to wear clothing plastered with the logos of their favorite sports team(s) or players?

- Katherine G.

Dear Katherine: If I answered "yes" to your question, I'd be labeled un-American! Male or female, you're never too old to support your team.

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