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Answer Angel: The art of applying eye makeup on the bus

By Ellen Warren, Chicago Tribune on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: How can women apply eye makeup on a moving bus on a busy road with lots of shaking and rolling over potholes and uneven pavement? I've seen this on my commute and I can't believe what I'm witnessing. Can you enlighten me?

- Bruce A.

Dear Bruce: The answer is years of practice. Unwavering determination. A steady hand. A burning desire to get a few more minutes of sleep in the morning. In degree of difficulty, I'd give applying eye makeup on a moving bus a 10 out of 10 - and it's virtually impossible when using liquid eyeliner, which is unforgiving. (Let me add that it is a lot easier to apply eye makeup in a car stopped at a red light.) However, just because it can be done on a bus or a train or a plane doesn't make this a good idea. It's not as bad as flossing your teeth or clipping your fingernails on public transportation. (I've seen both. Ick!) But applying makeup in public, other than a quick swipe of lipstick or lip balm, is personal hygiene that should not be done in front of unwitting commuters.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Ties with sport coats or blazers are totally out of style, right? I can't even find my ties anymore.

- Rick K.

Dear Rick: Maybe not totally out of style but getting closer every day. Nobody will kick you out of the room for not wearing a tie (except some snooty private clubs with dress codes, but they'll usually supply you with a loaner). If you choose to go tieless almost anywhere these days, you'll have plenty of tie-free company.


Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have a cami question! When my daughter was in high school, her French teacher wrote her up because her camisole was visible through her sheer-ish shirt, and the dress code says no visible underwear. I get that camis are technically underwear, but I thought they existed for the very purpose of wearing under sheer shirts to keep other things from view. What say you?

- Margaret

Dear Margaret: How do you say, "That teacher was out of line" in French? I'm on your and your daughter's side. Sounds to me like that camisole was serving a "clothing" not "underwear" purpose in this case and your daughter didn't deserve to be punished for a dress code violation. Take a look at back-to-school photos posted on Facebook and Instagram: Super short shorts, crop tops that look more like sports bras and lots of flesh on display. By those standards, being written up for a camisole sounds almost quaint.

And another question on the same see-through issue ...


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