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Answer Angel: Great for Gaga, but do platforms fit your style?

By Ellen Warren, Chicago Tribune on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I've been meaning to ask you this for a while, but the recent coverage of the annual Met Ball and Lady Gaga's appearance in what look like 5-inch-high, ankle-breaker platform shoes makes me write. What is your opinion of platforms - not 5 inches but 1 or 2? I'm short, so I like the idea, and they seem to be back in style, but I am not sure they're flattering.

- Cyndi C.

Dear Cyndi: In his lively memoir "IM," designer Isaac Mizrahi writes of his adored mother, Sarah: "She never wore platform shoes, claiming they were 'vul-gah' and made everyone look fat." I agree, with one exception. They definitely do not make Lady Gaga look fat.

The following readers' questions beautifully illustrate how manufacturers can't please everyone ...

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I took your advice and purchased Pizon's queen-size sheet set last week on Amazon. I really love the feel of these sheets! My problem is that although the contour bottom sheet and pillowcases fit perfectly, the flat top sheet is much too big for my queen size bed and hangs 2 feet below the spread! What can I do? Can this oversized sheet be cut down to size or would that ruin the sheet for good. I have used the sheet now and don't want to send it back. What do you advise? Thanks, I so appreciate your column.

- Mary W.B.


Dear Mary: With the popularity of the "pillow top" mattress, the depth of mattresses is all over the place: roughly 8 to 24 inches. There are no industrywide depth standards. So, to accommodate the deeper mattresses, some manufacturers are making fitted sheets with deep or extra deep pockets and flat sheets are sized to cover the sides of the very thickest mattresses. I don't know about you, but the last thing I want to bother with is cutting down (and hemming!) too-large flat sheets. I've had the same problem as you, but I just jam - I mean "tuck" - in the excess fabric beneath the mattress and call it good.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have a king mattress with a 2-inch foam topper, and the flat top sheet is just not wide enough. Standard king sheets only cover one side of the bed, leaving about 2 inches on the other side. I was able to find a deep-pocket fitted sheet to fit the mattress, but I cannot find an extra-wide top sheet. Any suggestions?

- Mary O.

Dear Mary: King sheet "sets" (one fitted, one flat and two pillow cases) likely will give you king pillowcases which are too long for standard pillows. And who wants to go out and buy new, longer pillows? And the top flat sheet might be, as in your case, too skimpy for your needs. What you want to do is to mix and match, and there are many options online. In making your flat sheet selection, read the dimensions carefully as you decide which would best suit your needs. They won't all be the same size, so buyer beware.


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