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Countdown to college: The 'Varsity Blues' scandal two years later

Lee Shulman Bierer, Tribune News Service on

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* There continues to be an unhealthy over-involvement of parents in the process.

* There is a lack of clarity about how admissions offices decide who gets in, who gets wait-listed and who gets rejected.

What changes have been implemented?

This scandal has led to reforms in some admissions offices, including some colleges that now require more information and a closer scrutiny of athletic recruits. There have also been reforms in athletic recruitment to guarantee that a student admitted as an athlete deserves that designation.

What additional changes are needed?


The focus must shift from thinking “it’s all about getting into the most exclusive school that will take me” to “finding the college that best fits my learning, social financial and community needs.”

Colleges need to assure that multiple individuals are needed to sign-off on a special-circumstance admission.

Colleges need to better explain how their admission process works and the type of students would be most successful at their school.

Students and parents must look at best fit rather than biggest name. It’s about getting OUT successfully, not about getting in.

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