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Countdown to college: Say goodbye to 2020 in the best way possible

Lee Shulman Bierer, Tribune News Service on

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Yes, we’re all excited to flip the page on 2020. It obviously wasn’t a good year for our country or our planet. As we look forward to what will surely be a healthier year, this is also a good time to regroup and reflect.

Here are a few thoughts on how each of us can approach 2021 with a better attitude.

If you’re the parent of a college student who’s heading back to college:

- Tell them you trust them. Let them go, guilt-free.

- Assure them that you’re just a phone call away.

- Hug them with vigor until they go, and try to hide the tears.


If you’re the parent of a college student who will be studying remotely (i.e., living in your home):

- Be patient and understand that none of you expected that this was how the school year would be.

- Try hard not to interfere in their studies or their job searches.

- Pretend as best you can that they’re visiting for the weekend and you’re delighted to spend time with them.


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