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Do It Yourself or Not: Hang wallpaper

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Pasting the walls, not the wallpaper is so much easier than setting up a table to roll out wallpaper and apply the paste or soaking it in a bathtub of water to kickstart an adhesive. Consider using a wallpaper-like-mural that you order to the size of your wall to create a dramatic background for your furnishings while adding texture and personality to the room. We found them at www.wallsauce.com, where you choose a pattern, scale and order the number of 24-inch-wide panels that are needed. You’ll find an array of patterns, designs and textures to choose from for every room in the house.

The goal is to create a surface that is smooth and clean before applying the Solvite paste included with the order. The installation process begins by preparing the wall to a clean, dry, smooth surface. Remove any old wallpaper; if walls have old flaky paint, scrape off paint chips and sand to a smooth finish. Then apply a good quality sealer/primer and let it dry. Same is true for plaster walls, they should be clean and free of loose plaster with a coat of sealer/primer.

For tools you need a tape measure, pencil, spirit level, sharp knife or scissors, a clean cloth and paint roller. Follow the numbered panels to install them. First, use a spirit level to establish a straight guideline for the wallpaper. Then apply the paste to the wall with a paint roller. Install the panels following the numbered order being careful to butt the panels edge to edge without leaving any gaps.

You can order panels for 8-foot-high-by-8-foot-long wall for $425. A wallpaper hanger will charge an additional $150 for the labor.

Pro Cost: $575 — DIY Cost: $425
Pro time: 2.0 — DIY Time: 4.5
DIY Savings: $150 — Percent Saved: 26%



To find more DIY project costs and to post comments and questions, visit www.diyornot.com.

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