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Do It Yourself or Not: Apply wall art

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For an almost instant decorative touch to a room that you won’t live with forever, an adhesive wall art kit is an easy way to kickstart your DIY skills. The peel-and-stick artwork stickers are simple to apply and easy to remove with no danger of damaging the walls. Think dorm room, nursery, anywhere a permanent wallpaper won’t work.

These are not cutouts of contact paper; they’re stylish designs made of a vinyl peel and stick material in die-cut shapes. The designs are washable, removable and can be repositioned as you apply them to the wall.

A homeowner can apply the design to a 48-by-36-inch wall design for $75, the cost of the artwork. You’ll need a pencil, yardstick, tape measure and level. If you need to cut the design, use a pair of scissors or a utility knife. The walls should be clean free of dust, dirt or oil, and dry. To hire out the job, add $75 for a wallpaper hanger to do the job for a total of $150 for labor and material. You’ll find the designs sold at home centers and the website www.wall-pops.com.

Pro Cost: $150 — DIY Cost: $75
Pro time: 2.0 — DIY Time: 4.0
DIY Savings: $75 — Percent Saved: 50%



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