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Do It Yourself or Not: Install a wireless outdoor camera

By Gene and Katie Hamilton, Tribune Content Agency on

We’ve all seen how the proliferation of surveillance cameras help detectives identify suspects on TV police shows; today’s similar scaled down technology can help homeowners protect their home and family from the bad guys. With the ADT Blue Wireless Outdoor Camera, you can protect your home by mounting the device at an entry door and monitor the wireless operation on a cellphone.

This is not a monitored system, but rather a DIY standalone unit designed for easy installation. If you can drill a few holes and download a free app, you can see and communicate with visitors from virtually anywhere. Use it to help prevent an intruder, check on your kids and pets in the yard and keep track of home deliveries and contractors arriving and leaving your home.

A security specialist charges $330, which includes labor and material, to install a wireless outdoor camera on the exterior of your home. You can do it yourself for $200, the cost of the device, by following the download instructions. It’s a doable job for even a first-time DIYer.

First, charge the battery of the device at an outlet inside your home, then insert it in the charger. Mount the charger bracket outside the entry door with screws, and then insert the camera in the bracket. This is a good initial solution to give you confidence in protecting your home.


Pro Cost: $330 — DIY Cost: $200
Pro time: 1.5 — DIY Time: 3.0
DIY Savings: $130 — Percent Saved: 39%


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