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Do It Yourself or Not: Install a P-trap drainpipe

By Gene and Katie Hamilton, Tribune Content Agency on

Do you have a faucet drainpipe and trap that seems to clog more than usual? It’s not an uncommon problem. Instead of using a PVC drainpipe and P-trap, consider replacing it with a new type of drain trap designed for easy installation using only a pair of scissors. It has fewer leak points and its rubber gasket seals ensures a dry base cabinet whether in the kitchen or bathroom.

The Simple Drain is a crushproof flexible rubber hose that screws into a water-tight fitting for the waste-water wall connection and uses a clamp with a thumb screw to connect to the tail pipe coming from the drain. The P-trap is formed with a loop that slides on the rubber hose and can be used for a new single or twin bowl and as a replacement. Its self-plunge mechanism eliminates future clogging, so no plunger or chemicals are needed. To see a video and instructions go to www.simpledrain.com.

To replace a drainpipe and trap with this product, a plumber charges $115, which includes labor and material. A handy homeowner can do the job for $15 and save 87%.

The most difficult part of this job is emptying the cabinet to get access to the bottom of the sink and pipes. Put a pillow inside the cabinet to spare a backache the next morning. We’ve seen an ironing board used as a cushion too.


Pro Cost: $115 — DIY Cost: $15
Pro time: 1.0 — DIY Time: 0.8
DIY Savings: $100 — Percent Saved: 87%


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