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Do-It-Yourself or Not: Build a doghouse

By Gene and Katie Hamilton, Tribune Content Agency on

Everyone in the family needs his or her own space, and that includes your dog who needs a place to cozy up in his or her own digs; preferably outside the home to enjoy fresh air and a place to retreat.

Before you think about adding a doghouse, consider its location on your property. Choose a place in a shady spot, protected from strong winds and day-long sunshine. Walk around your yard and look for an area with well-drained level soil that's near the house or patio so it's easy to replenish the water bowl when it needs a refill.

Websites provide a lot of choices: everything from doghouse plans to build-from-scratch to ready-to-assemble designs or completed structures to put in place. Type "doghouse" in a search engine and spend time reading about their features, such as side and roof vents, raised floors, weatherproofing, water resistance, adjustable feet for rough terrain and ease of assembly. Many are sold at pet supply retailers, lumber yards and home and garden centers.

In general, a small doghouse is sized for a 45-pound dog, large is for a 70 pounder and extra-large is sized for a dog weighing 95 pounds. We found polypropylene resin dog houses for $70 and a $7,000 cottage kennel house, so there's no limit to what you can spend.

You can buy a ready-to-assemble large doghouse with wood components and a raised panel floor for about $120. Expect to pay a handyman or carpenter to build a custom wood doghouse for $310 doghouse from scratch.


If you want to build a doghouse yourself, here's a link to Georgia-Pacific's doghouse plan https://todaysplans.net/GeorgiaPacific-Dog-House-Project-Plan.pdf.

Pro Cost: $310 -- DIY Cost: $125
Pro time: 6.5 -- DIY Time: 9.0
DIY Savings: $185 -- Percent Saved: 60%


To find more DIY project costs and to post comments and questions, visit www.diyornot.com.



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