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Home buyers must beware of 'greenwashing'

Kenneth R. Harney on

So how can buyers and shoppers recognize a bona fide green house? Adomatis says you need to look for six essential elements:

-- The site planning for the house is sensitive to the immediate environment, minimizes tree destruction and is strong on managing water runoff.

-- Energy efficiency throughout, from high-performance HVAC, lighting, insulation and appliances.

-- Exceptional interior air quality thanks to the use of advanced air filtration and exchange systems.

-- Extensive use of non-toxic building materials.

-- Water conservation efficiencies, such as water-saving toilets and shower fixtures and possibly some reuse of waste water.


-- Ease of long term operation and management.

The "house should work for you" thanks to the combination of green features and products, she says, "rather than you having to work for the house."


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