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Small Spaces: Splashes of Color

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No doubt there is an element of freshness to the idea of an all-white room. But such a room also poses a challenge. Think of when we use the term "black and white" to mean "cut and dry," or no wiggle room. There is no other interpretation of an all-white room except to say that it is white! Small apartments and cottages are often completely ...Read more

Small Spaces: Not Your Mama's Living Room

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Sometimes it pays to break the mold. It is not written in stone that a living room must have a matching sofa and love seat, or a sofa and two matching armchairs. For those who live with tiny rooms, adhering to the matching ideal can become frustrating. In Europe, where a great many more antiques are floating around, matching furniture was never ...Read more

Small Spaces: Built-In Shelves

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When it comes to furniture, no pieces are as efficient as built-ins. While they are always more costly, the positives are numerous and convincing. When is it time to invest in a built-in? Let's look at a few ideas.

One area of your home for which to consider a built-in piece is where you have a strange architectural configuration that makes off...Read more

Small Spaces: Revitalize Your Bedroom

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The bedroom might be a sanctuary or haven away from a busy family life, little kids or a roommate. Even if you share your bedroom with a partner, sometimes you need a place to hide. The bedroom is one of the most private spaces in any home. No matter the size, improvements can always be made to have an even more special experience.

As Valentine...Read more

Small Spaces: Tiny She Sheds

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A woman needs her privacy! Every young mother with toddlers realizes sooner or later that they follow you around like puppies. Longed-for adoration and sweet dependency can feel different at the end of a long day with three kids calling your name repeatedly while you try to unload groceries. There is no alone time, even when you are in the ...Read more

Small Spaces: De-cluttering for the New Year

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What better way is there to get yourself back into the swing of things than putting your home back in order after the holidays? I'm no model citizen when it comes to this, and I readily admit that I still have five Santa Clauses sitting at the bottom of the stairs, waiting to be taken back up to my attic storage. The mantel is still sporting ...Read more

Small Changes for a Senior Visitor

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The new year always begins with all sorts of ambitious ideas for change. What better time to look around your home and ready one small space for a visit from a senior parent or grandparent? It takes a few minor adjustments that might seem insignificant but can make a stay infinitely more comfortable for your guest. Here's how to start in a ...Read more

Small Spaces: A Time and Place for Whimsy

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This is the perfect time of year to find a place for quirky and whimsical touches that will enliven your home environment. We know that longer and darker days of winter can be difficult for some people. These small changes take up no extra room and are guaranteed to combat the tendency to slip into a winter funk. Spread some indoor fun and ...Read more

Wine for the holiday

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By now, it's likely most holiday gifts have been open, but I've thought of some great ideas! I'm not an ultrasophisticated wine drinker, but I do enjoy a glass of vino with a meal. One of the basic attributes that wine has above all other alcoholic beverages is the ability to elevate a simple meal into a memorable one. While drinking a glass of ...Read more

Small Spaces: Working Around Odd Architectural Details

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With interior design, there are just some things you cannot ignore. Old houses often have very quirky architectural elements that have been changed over time and created even more challenges in smaller rooms. Not only are you coping with limited space but now you have to overcome these oddities. Generally, they are structures that modern ...Read more

Small Spaces: Space-Saving Ways to Decorate for Christmas

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Even those who live in space-starved studio apartments in the middle of a noisy city yearn for ways to create a celebratory atmosphere for Christmas and get into the spirit of the season. If you push yourself with a little effort, you can enjoy the results for days to come.

Let's looks at ideas for people who live in apartments, studios, guest ...Read more

Small Spaces: Make a Statement in a Small Master

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The master bedroom is supposed to be the crown jewel of bedrooms in a home. We expect something more from the master; it is often a larger room or a room with an attached bathroom, the room with the view or the one leading to the yard or balcony. Even in an apartment, it often includes a walk-in closet -- or at least a larger closet than the ...Read more

Small Spaces: 5 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen More Functional This Holiday

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One thing a chef with a tiny kitchen fears is a holiday gathering. I recall impolitely ordering relatives out of the room on more than one Thanksgiving evening, because there was not enough room to accommodate meal prep and people standing around. While I think that I am calm and have it all in hand, there seems to be a tipping point. I admit ...Read more


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