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Small Spaces: Angled Kitchen Sink

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Getting tight spaces to function often requires thinking outside that box. It's true planning a very small bathroom, laundry room or kitchen demands that you research all options and be willing to invest in the best solutions. Often a corner wall-hung sink that is just the right size or the best stacking washing machine and dryer are a little ...Read more

Small Spaces: Furniture Arrangements

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Dare to be bold in how you arrange furniture in a small room. Freedom from preconceived notions might encourage a higher function from your space. Toss out old ideas or pictures from your past homes. Search the internet for out-of-the-box suggestions and awaken to all sorts of new possibilities!

The insanely popular website Houzz gives the ...Read more

Small Spaces: The Magic of Decorating

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I love the funky and uneven features of an older home. Certainly there are many oddball qualities and conditions that might frustrate you as a renter or homeowner, but often they can be turned into assets. Renters are particularly aware that they have to live with strange issues; you accept things that are too costly to revamp on your own and ...Read more

Small Spaces: Make Small Accents Matter

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Sometimes the most important design aspect of a room is just one small detail. One area is easy to consider in depth. It doesn't take months of waiting, and it doesn't cost a fortune. Not only does this make your decorating more affordable, but also it breaks the task down into manageable bites. You can feel immediately successful.

How can you ...Read more

Small Spaces: Reading Nooks

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Reading in a cozy chair is still desirable for a lot of people. Though you may be sitting with your Kindle instead of a bound text, the expression "curled up with a book" sounds so much more appealing than proclaiming that you are getting comfortable with your iPad. Right?

Let's create areas in your home that are conducive to reading. I'm one ...Read more

Small Spaces: Photography as Decoration

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Photography was invented to capture the moment, to capture life. And here we see a custom wallcovering made from a black and white photograph shown in Sunset Magazine's L.A. Idea House last summer in east Manhattan Beach.

There are numerous internet-based companies that sell easy-to-install wall graphics in a vast array of images, from nature ...Read more

Small Spaces: Tiny Rooms with High Ceilings

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Julia Child famously towered over most people. She said that being tall always gave her an advantage in the business world; there was clean air to breathe in a crowd.

For a small room, having a high ceiling makes all the difference. You can get away with doing several things that would not be possible with an 8-foot ceiling, and a room looks ...Read more

Small Spaces: Counterintuitive Advice

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As they say, the devil is in the details. Sometimes the secret to getting a small space to feel larger is based on confusing principles that generate questions. If you put thought and care into redoing a kitchen or bathroom, you will undoubtedly encounter such issues: How far to take a countertop? Where to stop a paint color? How high to make ...Read more

Dynamic accents transform your home's look

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It doesn't take very much to add an artistic touch to a tiny home. Two or three accent items will go a long way toward establishing any creative look. And, when you tire of one look, it is comforting to know that you can mix it up just by removing and replacing a few pieces.

The internet certainly makes finding gathering accent items a simple ...Read more

Small Spaces: How to Create a Beautiful Entryway

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A foyer creates a gracious entry to a home. The trouble in a tiny house is that there is rarely enough spare square footage available to create such a nicety. In most ranch-style homes built in the 1950s, for example, the front door opened right into the living room. There might have been a half-wall between the living room and the front door to...Read more

Small Spaces: The New Trend Is No Trend

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It's spring, a fine time to talk about fresh design ideas. We are in a period that embraces just about anything; there is acceptance for every genre, from vintage to crisp, modern precision. Being freed from any specific look is liberating! As you arm yourself to complete a design project, this is good news.

Eclectic interiors are luscious to ...Read more


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