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Small Spaces: Hot Red Accent

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American fashion designer Bill Blass said, "When in doubt, wear red." We have come to think of fire-engine red as one of the boldest fashion statements possible, and that goes for when it is used in home decor. In the psychology of color, red has numerous meanings: It is the messenger of energy, passion and action. It is also the color of anger,...Read more

Small Spaces: How to Carve out a Cozy Place

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One big room can be boring. You could feel that way whether you live in a studio apartment, a micro-unit or even a more generously sized loft because there is no definition of space. Whether you are considering a smallish condo with tall ceilings or a cramped apartment, just how aggravating one big room will be tends to be a matter of personal ...Read more

Small Spaces: Kitchen Ideas

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Designing your dream kitchen within budget or space confines is challenging. And when you must contend with both of these constraints at one time, sharp design skills become critical, and clever manipulation of affordable key features make the difference between a passable result and a stunning design. If you want the finest result, I heartily ...Read more

Small Spaces: Summer Rooms

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Nothing is as delicious as an outdoor room for summer! Of course, if you live in mosquito country, you are rolling your eyes and thinking about screened-in porches. That's nothing compared to folks who live in gator country and must worry about four-legged critters creeping onto their veranda. Nonetheless, it's time to get creative so you can ...Read more

Small Spaces: The Way We Really Live

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There can often be a discrepancy between what we would like the place we live in to look like and the way it is in living color. You know that saying "Grow where you are planted"? The aesthetic confrontation is about pairing up desires with the reality of where we grow every day. In these challenging economic times, when some retirees have to ...Read more

Small Spaces: Micro Housing

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Many millennials show an affinity for living close to their place of employment, and recreating, exercising and mingling in the same vicinity. Retirees often desire to rent or buy a pied-a-terre for a fun compliment to their suburban lifestyle. The closer you are to the heart of a city, the more expensive the price tag is to rent or buy into ...Read more

Making Space Where There Isn't Any!

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Sometimes too much space is a predicament. I'm sure you are rolling your eyes at the ridiculousness of such a comment in a column focused on tiny spaces. Before you laugh out loud as you sit in your studio apartment or one-bedroom bungalow with virtually no closet storage, hear me out: There are situations in smaller living spaces with high ...Read more

Small Spaces: Galley Kitchens

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Galley kitchens are common in many older homes. Houses built before World War II often had very simple layouts with in-kitchen dining at the end of a long narrow room. The challenge for those of us living in such houses is that we now want to load up the limited space with modern amenities that weren't part of the planning back in the day, such ...Read more

Small Spaces: Finessing Your Floors

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How much time do we spend looking down? People look down in search of lost coins, but do we focus much on what lies beneath our feet in our homes? If you find your floors attractive, there is no issue. But that is not always the case. Newer apartments generally have carpet with a neutral tone, but loads of older places have genuinely awful ...Read more

Small Spaces: Getting Ready for Spring Use of Outdoor Spaces

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Want to shake the winter doldrums? With rain and snow sticking around, anticipating how you might invigorate outdoor areas for warmer weather could be good for both your spirit and creativity. No matter how small your available space might be, look at what is possible from a fresh viewpoint. Have you always craved a specific amenity but avoided ...Read more

Small Spaces: Declutter Now!

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Junk is the enemy of beauty. If your spaces are crammed full of clutter, they will look awful. It won't make a shred of difference that you've found perfect furniture or art that speaks to you. No guest will walk in and think: "Wow! This is a great room, and I want to be here." In fact, quite the opposite will happen.

I was at a client's house ...Read more

Small Spaces: Make Sharing a Bedroom a Great Experience

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Did you have to share a bedroom with a sibling when you were growing up? I did. I shared with two sisters until the day I left home. This is definitely an old-school concept. Most parents today believe each child absolutely needs his or her own bedroom. Yet for families living in a small apartment or home, there is often no choice but for kids ...Read more

Small Spaces: Make Your Child's Space Special

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When you live in a confined house or apartment, carving out a creative kid space can be a significant challenge. One of the simplest ideas is to turn the room where your toddler or young child sleeps into a whimsical area. Parents have much design latitude before children become toddlers. We know from research that babies are stimulated by ...Read more

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