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Small Spaces: Is Wallpaper Back?

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Wallpaper is one of those interior finishes that goes in and out of favor depending on the current trends. It has been around since the 1700s, although there is evidence that ornamental paper was used on walls in both ancient Egypt (as papyrus) and China, when strips were printed on by blocks of wood. The sheets were glued together to cover the ...Read more

Small Spaces: Small-Bathroom Tips

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Even the smallest bathroom remodel is costly. Because the cash investment in a proper remodel is substantial, you want to get it right the first time. Most professionals will advise you to complete things in a manner that will endure constant use. Otherwise, you may be regretful in 10 years' time.

Fortunately, several favorite design trends for...Read more

Small Spaces: A Teenager's Room

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A Teenager's Room

If you are the parent of a new teenager you likely realize that it is time to make some changes to his or her childhood bedroom. This is a fine opportunity to prepare children for being neat and organized, qualities that will serve them well if they go off to college or move out in a few years to cohabitate with ...Read more

Small Spaces: Time to Think About a Fireplace

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A slight hint of coolness was in the air in my area yesterday, and it provided a promise of relief from a sizzling summer. While it's far too early to be thinking of wearing a coat, it is the perfect time to turn to home improvement chores. So let's talk fireplaces.

Many who live in high-rise condominium buildings are stuck with whatever brand ...Read more

Small Spaces: Does Everything Have to Match?

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There is no design police force that makes never-to-be-broken rules and regulations about your home. That is the good news! The bad news is if you want a singular style, it takes skill and a sharpened sense to construct a unique and offbeat look. Before you panic, let's unpack this idea.

One of my mentors once explained design like this when I ...Read more

Small Spaces: Empty Nesters Repurposing Rooms

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There is sorrow in the home when one of your chicks goes away to college. A young adult's transition away from the nest is one of the parents' proudest moments, an accomplishment and a sign of momentous change in everyone's lives. My husband wept for months every time he passed by our son's doorway.

Most experts advise keeping your child's room...Read more

Small Spaces: Multiuse Nursery

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Life changes in dozens of ways once the first baby joins a family. You don't have to allocate a huge amount of space for an infant, but it must be quiet and, most importantly, safe. Arrangements vary according to child-rearing philosophies; in some cultures, a baby sleeps in the parents' room well into childhood. I had an Indian client whose ...Read more

Small Spaces: Choose Unique Materials to Expand Space

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It is easy to be overwhelmed by all the decisions involved with remodeling a major bathroom. Where do you start? How do you translate a particular style into a look that fits the room size? In most small bathrooms, the tasks become even more of a challenge, and frustration grows as you try to pull all the pieces together.

This example is not ...Read more

Small Spaces: Subtle Ways to Streamline a Small Room

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When I walk into a small space, it takes my eyes about 15 seconds to take in the entire room and form an opinion. Granted, I am trained to observe in a critical manner and have a quicker ability to note balance, proportion and tone. But you can try it for yourself in your own home. What is your first impression, and can you verbalize how you ...Read more

Small Spaces: Bathroom Tricks

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Human size the basis of architectural and interior design standards. According to Scientific American, over the past 150 years, the average height of human beings in industrialized nations has increased by about 4 inches. Overall, the reasons for this are better food supply, improved diet and the control of diseases. When you visit a home built ...Read more

Small Spaces: Innovative Storage

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A small kitchen needs to perform just like a tiny galley on a boat. Every square inch must be designed for maximum function, easy utility and durability. Hinges, drawer pulls, cabinet knobs and specialty hardware with flipper doors (to eliminate clumsy swinging cabinet doors) are either made of wood or solid brass. Every moving part must operate...Read more

Small Spaces: The Space Under the Stairs

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Sometimes helpful solutions are hiding in plain sight. It is common to become so familiar with our surroundings that we no longer see them clearly. When you pass by something dozens of times a day, it becomes invisible in a way, so we miss opportunities. What if you challenged yourself to find places with extra function?

One of my favorite ...Read more

Small Spaces: What Do Millennials Want?

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Millennials have officially overtaken baby boomers as America's largest living generation. Those 75.4 million young people ages 18 to 34 are renting and beginning to buy homes. What do they want, and how will they change the way builders build?

First of all, millennials don't want more of the same. According to Linda Mamet, vice president of ...Read more


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