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Small Spaces: Advice From a Pro

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Wondering how you can live large in a small place? It turns out there are a few secrets that can be shared by professional designers and product designers. Some of this has to do with being able to budget enough to purchase key pieces that are multi- or dual-functional. Some of it has to do with specific tricks of the trade. Let's take a peek ...Read more

Small Spaces: The Unsettled

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Some people are rolling stones. I ran into a friend at a dance performance who had recently returned from living in Bali for a few years. She bought a home and thought her roots were finally established. As she filled me in on what was happening next in her life, it became clear that putting down roots there, or anywhere, is not next on her ...Read more

Small Spaces: Trade-Offs

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Some of the smallest homes are nestled in the most delicious neighborhoods. Surrounded by boutique shops, cafes, coffee houses and corner markets, one can enjoy a pedestrian lifestyle with ease. You may trade density for convenience, but you will fully enjoy the charm of a haphazard village.

We hear a lot about how millennials value living and ...Read more

Small Spaces: Flexible Guest Room

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There are many ways to create a flexible guest room. You can often grab inspiration from hotel rooms because they operate from the perspective of providing not only the obviously required bed but also a working desk, comfy seating and a TV. Maybe some of the surfaces are too harsh for home use, but you can adapt the basic ideas easily and turn ...Read more

Small Spaces: Barn Doors Rock

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Barn doors remain wildly popular. We see this type of door used in a wide variety of design styles, from minimalist to rustic, and for passage doors and closet doors. For several solid reasons they are here to stay, and for those with a small space, they can be the answer to a problem.

With space-challenged rooms, the obvious advantage of a ...Read more

Small Spaces: Household Tasks for a Frigid Day

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Freezing and forbidding winter weather has descended with a thud across the nation. Staying indoors in a tiny home can be the very definition of cabin fever, so how about rolling up your sleeves and tackling a few essential organizational chores? You will feel so accomplished and satisfied after you are finished.

Clutter is a negative in any ...Read more

Small Spaces: Create Coziness

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Don't you just want to move into this picture and stay awhile? A squashy cushion snuggled below a window, hopefully with a little view, never fails to attract everyone from toddlers to a sleepy grandpa! It seems that the powerful draw of a window seat is universal.

Built-in seating always looks warm and inviting. What makes it actually ...Read more

Small Spaces: Black-and-White Kitchen

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Get rid of your formal dining room as a sly way to gain an extra space. This is an idea that has gained in popularity over the last decade as busier and busier lifestyles have shifted entertainment patterns in homes across the country. Recently, I consulted for a penthouse condo high above a Major League Baseball park, and my client said goodbye...Read more

Small Spaces: Year of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

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If ever there were a year for the scrawny Christmas tree, this is it! Even though we are almost a week from Christmas Day, I was shocked at the slim pickings at the tree lot I visited today.

You may have already learned that the U.S. is facing a significant tree shortage this year, according to the National Christmas Tree Association, or NCTA. ...Read more

Small Spaces: A Cozy Room

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What are the essential ingredients that make up the perfect cozy space? Fortunately for us, the first requirement is a room that's not a huge loft space with 14-foot ceilings and cool cement floors. No, we are looking for a room in a bungalow or a cottage, an apartment or an auxiliary dwelling unit.

There are people who prefer a small room to a...Read more

Small Spaces: Stuck in the Corner?

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It's never pleasant to be stuck in a corner, is it? When the only available table in a cafe is that tiny one tucked into the corner, you have to pull your coat and umbrella tight to your body and politely navigate through a sea of tables and chairs to sit down. Even in language we sometimes refer to the "far corners" of the Earth in a way that ...Read more

Small Spaces: Holiday Decorations That Take Up Zero Room

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It has been said that people who decorate the outside of their house for Christmas are happier. It follows that people who bring adornments inside, too, are willing to make an effort to create a special ambiance in their home. Both practices are subtle ways to increase satisfaction at a time of year that can be tricky for a lot of us.

Loads of ...Read more

Small Spaces: Baby-Boomer Trends

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Still a large part of the American home-buying public, baby boomers drive a significant segment of the housing development industry. What do boomers want, and what are they willing to spend to get it? The generation is nearly as large as that of their millennial children and as diverse in lifestyle choices.

According to statistics, many baby ...Read more


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