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Bamboo Products as an Alternative Home Product

Gary Nealon on

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The remodeling industry took as big of a hit as the home building market, since homeowners were reluctant to dump any more money into their depreciating homes. Less people can afford homes, so fewer homes are being renovated and turned into “flips”. (A “flip” is a house that is bought, renovated and then sold). This difficulty in our economy will bring fewer buyers, but also more conscientious consumers. People are going to be smart about their choices and many of these people are looking for new trends – like green building material and environmentally safe products. From this, you can use bamboo to fill both of these needs.

Bamboo is very trendy right now because of its green qualities. With a growth rate of nearly 3 times that of traditional hardwood, bamboo is one of the fastest renewing materials we can use. Some bamboo in ideal climates can grow up to a foot in a day! So you can see why bamboo is being recognized as a plant that can help save the earth. Because of this clear cutting of massive amounts of forest can be eliminated and with this we could save many trees that produce oxygen. Bamboo, coincidentally releases 30 to 40 percent more oxygen in to the air than a similar sized groove of trees, so this also adds to the overall appeal of the plant. Besides being trendy because of its green appeal, bamboo is also one of the strongest woods on the planet. It is so durable that it is often used in light industrial type settings for flooring and some paneling.

In Asia, bamboo has a long history of cultural and economic use; it’s been used for the past thousand years as building materials, food, fuel, and medicine. There are roughly 900 to 1,000 different species of the plant and its growing strength makes its adaptable to almost any climate. (Look around and you will notice bamboo growing in the winter). This plant needs little water or attention and spreads very easily –making it an ideal harvestable plant.

So now that you know about bamboo, you also want to know why it is right for your renovation. In a recent survey: 96 out of 100 people were aware that bamboo is a alternative to flooring and other building material. As opposed to 10 years ago when that same survey produced less than half of the people being aware of this product; from this you can see that it is a popular product. Not only is bamboo at the height of its popularity, but when re-selling a house, you can use the green label if you have been using bamboo products. The eco-friendly aspect of bamboo, has a lot of companies looking for ways to incorporate it into their products.


Finally you should consider bamboo for you house because of the cost. It is just as durable as hardwood but usually costs about half as much. Make sure you shop around for pricing because prices vary greatly. Ultimately the price is better with bamboo products and the quality is the same or better than the standard materials that we were once all using – so because of this, bamboo becomes an easy choice for your next project.


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