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Arianne Cohen: Career Genius -- Your September guide to slaying it at work

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2. What are the risks of that fatigue to others, to your work quality and to your own health?

3. What activities, rest or scheduling consistently reduces that fatigue? Perhaps walks, naps or different shift timing help you remain energetic.

4. With all of that in mind, what work hours would both meet the job’s demands and limit your fatigue?

What do millennials want?

Despite Instagram feeds documenting groovy happy hours and freebies, it turns out that millennial employees care about purpose. “Today’s young workers have shifted toward interests in doing valuable work and finding meaning in their day-to-day job functions,” says Danielle LaGree, assistant professor of strategic communication at Kansas State University, who recently surveyed 1,000 workers ages 21 to 34 about what makes their professional hearts go pitter-patter.


She and her co-authors also found that respect matters. This is a shift from earlier generations, who consider jobs to be more of an arrangement between adults, where respect is nice but not essential. She found that even when a job itself might not be a jubilant experience, younger workers succeed and enjoy roles where they feel fulfilled by the work, receive recognition and feel “respected as human beings.”

Interruptions on the job aren’t a bad thing

Before you silently (or not so silently) curse your coworkers for interrupting your work yet again, know that interruptions improve your job satisfaction. A new study in the Journal of Applied Psychology finds that so-called “work intrusions” boost employees’ feelings of belonging — which in turn increases job satisfaction. Researchers from the University of Cincinnati tracked 111 employees twice a day for three weeks, and found that social interaction with interrupters is a primary way that workers interact with their coworkers. Of course, the interruptions deplete energy by requiring you to switch away from your task and then return, but on the whole they are a positive addition to your day.

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