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Susan Tompor: IRS offers new details on glitch that delayed some child tax credits

Susan Tompor, Detroit Free Press on

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Are you still waiting for the August payment for the child tax credit that, well, should have been there a week ago? Or wondering how you might change your mailing address for the credit?

The Internal Revenue Service offered a few more answers on Friday.

As reported earlier, a mix-up is creating delays for roughly 4 million people or more who now are going to be receiving checks for their August advance child tax credit, instead of direct deposit as took place in July. Some checks may have arrived by now, but others may arrive later this month.

I didn't get the August money. Why?

The IRS sent me this statement Friday to shed a bit more light on the glitch, which was not detailed in earlier statements. Why did this happen in the first place?

The IRS said Friday that a "process was missed that caused a percentage of payments to be issued as paper checks instead of direct deposit." The mistake apparently happened as the IRS was preparing to issue the advance child tax credit for August.


The IRS was not more specific.

"The IRS apologizes for this inconvenience and has taken steps to ensure future payments are issued using the appropriate delivery method (direct deposit or paper check)," according to an IRS email to me Friday.

In some cases, the IRS payments and refunds will be issued as a paper check as part of this mix-up even when the IRS had received updated information for direct deposit of the payment or refund.

Taxpayers can visit the Child Tax Credit Update Portal at to see whether they're receiving a direct deposit or paper check this month.


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