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Real estate Q&A: What can I do about condo rules that don't allow pickup trucks?

Gary M. Singer, South Florida Sun Sentinel on

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Q: Our condo does not allow us to own pickup trucks or park them on the premises. Visitors can park them in guest parking during the day but must find off-site parking overnight. This rule is making it hard for friends and relatives to visit me. Is there something I can do? — Rick

A: When you purchased your apartment, you agreed to live by your new communities’ rules and restrictions.

Many people live in condominiums because they want to live in a community with a particular lifestyle and look and enjoy shared amenities. While there is no law restricting pickups from condominiums, your condo association can write its own rules at the direction of its residents.

And because you agreed to follow the rules when you bought into the community, you need to follow these rules.

Carefully read your community’s documents, so you know what the rules are. I find that what people think their documents say and what they actually say is often different.


I have seen many associations attempting to enforce regulations that do not exist because “that is the way we have always done it.”

Because the community members write these types of rules, enough residents wanting to change the policy can do so. Speak to your neighbors and see if there is any consensus about changing the restrictions. If so, approach your board as a group and let them know your wishes.

Nothing is stopping you from “voting with your feet” and moving to a neighborhood that syncs better with your lifestyle.

However, every community has its pluses and minuses, so consider your entire situation and not just focus on a single inconvenience if everything else is great.

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