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Susan Tompor: These must-have apps can help you save money online

Susan Tompor, Detroit Free Press on

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The thrill of shopping on your phone or online, of course, is that it makes stocking up on groceries, buying a rug for the apartment or even shopping on a Friday night after a glass of wine or two all that easier.

But if you want to get the very best price, step back and take a few extra minutes before you hit checkout. It can be as simple as just doing a quick Google search of prices at various retailers to save $50 or $100 on a big-ticket item, like a bedroom dresser.

We've got plenty of websites and apps that offer extra rewards and price checks to help savvy spenders get a sweet deal, too.

"If you really want to get your cheapskate on, maybe there's a coupon code," said Rick Broida, who lives in Commerce Township and writes "The Cheapskate Blog" for

Broida, who held workshops at the Detroit Public Library main branch and the Plymouth Public Library as part of Money Smart Week, says many of these tricks can turn into "free money" pretty quickly.

If you want to shop smarter, ask a few questions.

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Is this really the best price ever on Amazon?

"Prices on Amazon fluctuate a lot -- a lot," said Broida, 50.

Take time to research previous prices, which amazingly is fairly easy to do if you're shopping for a tote, a toaster or even a dash camera in order to dispute a traffic ticket.

An online service called Camel Camel Camel tracks the price history of more than 18 million products sold on Amazon.


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