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Susan Tompor: Love doesn't have to bleed your bonus

Susan Tompor, Detroit Free Press on

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Show her how much you care for, say, $20.

Sure, some people could be tempted to splurge this Valentine's Day after receiving cash out of the blue. Major automakers are giving out sizable profit-sharing checks. And tax reform has led to one-time bonuses for some workers at some big-name companies.

In Michigan, it's estimated that profit-sharing payments to autoworkers will total $527 million in 2018, according to Gabriel Ehrlich, director of the University of Michigan's research seminar in quantitative economics.

As that money is spent and invested, the stimulus for the state is expected to boost total personal income by $816 million -- or an increase of 0.17 percent -- as a percent of personal income.

No wonder you're seeing TV commercials pushing high-priced items, like carpeting, for Valentine's Day.

Many people have plenty of excuses for splurging.

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But why? Love does not need to bleed your bonus.

Here are some thoughts about how to find cheerful, yet cheap, gifts for Valentine's Day. And how to use some extra cash for the long haul, too.

Go outside the box

The first instinct is to buy the flashiest box you can to express your love -- the rich, red velvet heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, the robin's egg blue trademark of the Tiffany Blue Box with classic white ribbon.


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