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Renters face eviction with minimum notice, then Foxconn, after inquiry, offers more time

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"The Realtor got a hold of me too (and said), 'They've got to be done right away, same day.' And I had to observe it," Dexter said.

Dexter's tenants said they received the notice around 3 p.m. Thursday. Members of the other three families -- who rent from a different landowner, Charles Kuiper -- said they also received their notices Thursday afternoon.

In separate letters to his tenants, including Le Viseur and Roussett, Kuiper told them they could stay rent-free for January, and would be reimbursed for any heating fuel remaining in their tanks when they left.

Dexter, of the Town of Yorkville, said he will be paid about $2 million for his land. He said he didn't like serving notice on tenants who had never missed a rent payment, but that Foxconn had exercised its option to buy the property, and he did as he was directed.

"They required it, so I did what I did," he said.

Kuiper, also of Yorkville, declined to speak with a reporter.

Dexter's tenants are Jamie Jensen, 39, and her 79-year-old mother, Jule Lotz. Both said last Friday that they live on fixed incomes -- disability for Jensen; Social Security and a pension for Lotz -- and that they doubted they could come up with enough cash for a new place in less than a month.

They said they also have dogs and cats, and need a one-story dwelling because of Lotz's difficulty with stairs -- two more factors complicating their housing search.

So they were relieved to hear Monday that they'll likely have another 90 days to look.

"If they follow through on that 90 days that would be absolutely terrific. ... That's like a godsend for us," Lotz said.

Le Viseur was pleased, too.

"The extended time is welcomed," she said. "Very welcomed."

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